Movie Dates, Monday Hustle and W.T.F.

You know what they say about “the best laid plans”..? That was last week.  Blair and I had date-upon-date in the diary: Drinks with friends Tuesday, movie-date to The Huntsman on Wednesday, the Monday Hustle re-launch party on Thursday, and probably an exhausted night with takeaways by the end of the week.

It took me by surprise, then, when he sent me a text at lunch-time on Monday to let me know he was off to Houston until Sunday… Ah, the life of a pilot’s wife!

[left]Husband aside, the diary was still full, so I had an eventful (and events-full) week last week at the various engagements (all huge fun, even sans Blair)!  To start with, The Huntsman movie was pretty epic.  It stars the incredibly handsome Aussie Chris Hemsworth as Eric the Huntsman, Jessica Chastain as Huntswoman Sara, and Emily Blunt taking on a villainous role as Freya The Ice Queen, together with Charleze Theron reprising her role as Ravenna, the Evil Queen.  It lagged a bit in parts, but with a cast like that, it’s hard to go far wrong, and the inventive storyline also meant for fantastical fight-scenes and heartfelt moments.[/left] [right]Monday Hustle Revelry


Without spoiling it, Freya bans all love from her city, and the twist on the Snow-White tale sees Eric & Sara vow to flee the city to be together (if only it were that easy). The long-running thene of the film is love, and whether love will endure.

The next night saw me on my way to celebrate with Lucy O’Connor, fellow blogger, Aucklander and hustler, to relaunch her website Monday Hustle (live today).  With Champagne, goodie-bags and speeches by Lucy herself and Mimi Gilmour Buckley, it was an inspiring evening (and check out her website).

By Friday I was more than ready to settle in for a night of blogging and burgers, so I couldn’t believe my luck to arrive home to Piako Yoghurt’s latest offering, together with cake by Jordan Rondel’s The Caker!

[left]Piako[/left] [right]Available in two delicious new flavours: Spiced Apple and Lime (think Key-lime pie!), it was the perfect offering to take me into the weekend, and the timing couldn’t have been better (especially with Blair being away).[/right]

Blair arrived home Sunday, and without delay I organised another date-night to catch up, before work could steal him away from me again.  Tonight we headed to another movie, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, with the very funny Tina Fey and very hot Margot Robbie. It was sure to tick the box for Blair being based in Afghanistan and being a “biographical war-dramedy”, but I wasn’t sure I’d like it as much.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.  It blew me away (no pun intended), showing Fey as a serious actress, and Robbie as seriously funny, and moreover both fulfilling strong lead female roles.  Billy Bob Thornton and The Office/Lord of the Rings’ star Martin Freeman had supporting roles, both really funny and well acted.  Tina Fey part-wrote W.T.F., based on a true story of a female war correspondent in Afghanistan in the early 2000’s, when it becomes the Forgotten War in the shadows of Iraq.  Sex, drugs and danger dominate the warzone, where Fey and Robbie are two of very few female reporters holding their own against both the very male-dominated Kabul and the rest of the news reporters.  This film is so much more than the trailer suggests, and proved wrong all my pre-conceived ideas.  Favourite movie for a while for sure!

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