What Does your Engagement Ring Say About You?

Whether you’re already wearing the engagement ring of your dreams, or you’re hoping your partner will pick the right rock to suit your style, decode what your engagement ring says (or will say) about you – and perhaps subtly send this article his way…

Can you imagine if you had to let your fiancé choose your wedding dress – actually, I think reality TV has taken care of that. It’s interesting then, that many women have no influence in their partner’s choice of engagement ring! Surely, having the right engagement ring is more important than any other wedding planning decision you make, after all – you’ll wear it for much longer than your wedding dress.

Win Charlebois, founder of The Diamond Shop, has interpreted all the most popular styles, so you can decode what suits you, or at least what your ring says about you.

Whether your proposal is simple or grand, the cut outlasts the occasion.

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Round Cut Diamond Solitaire – The Traditionalist

The most popular shape by far, the round cut diamond accounts for more than 70% of all diamonds sold.

The timeless round cut diamond solitaire is for a girl whose style is simple and classic. She most likely loves all the wedding traditions, and will favour a classic wedding too, from the cathedral veil to the first (perfectly choreographed) dance to an official cake cutting ceremony.

This ring sparkles like none other, as will the wearer. If he gets down on one knee with a sparkling solitaire the size of Texas, he’s telling the world how much he’s willing to spend to claim his future wife!


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Princess Cut Engagement Ring – The Modern

For the elegant bride, the square cut princess cut diamond originated in the 1960s and since then has grown in popularity to be the second most popular cut. While still a timeless shape, this cut shows a bit more glamour and style.

Expect this bride to question traditions but go along with most anyway, and plan an elaborate, but not fairytale, wedding.


Cushion Cut Diamond – The Romantic

This shape takes its name from the rounded corners and curved sides that make it appear softer than a princess-cut diamond but not as circular as a round-cut stone.

The wearer of this soft, pillow-shaped ring is a romantic, and her celebration will be all about love. Expect this bride-to-be to want a wedding singer, soft furnishings and a romantic, candlelit reception.


Emerald Cut Engagement Ring – The Minimalist

The emerald cut diamond is elegant and cool, as is the girl who favours this minimalist style. Fewer facets make an emerald cut susceptible to revealing flaws, but this gal has none – she’s as flawless as her rock and has the confidence to pull it off.

She wears monochrome, if not all black, and is no-frills when it comes to accessories. Perhaps a simple bouquet of white-roses and a sheath dress will suit, your style icon is Audrey Hepburn.


Heart-Shaped Diamond – The girly girl

As feminine as the girl who wears it, the heart shaped diamond is less common than its fellows, and takes a certain confidence to pull off. The girly girl has confidence in spades, and isn’t afraid to show it off, wearing her heart on her sleeve hand – she’s not afraid of the spotlight.

She’ll choose a bedazzled gown, perhaps even in pink or blush, and will be surrounded by her girlfriends as much as she is with her husband.

The man who chooses this ring wants everyone to know how much he loves her (and that she’s taken!)


Marquise Cut – The Seductress

Unique, slender and sexy – named after the Marquise de Pompadour, the mistress of France’s Louis XV, your engagement ring says you’re a seductress.

Women drawn to this elongated shape are determined and outgoing, early-adopters and extroverts – ready to lead the pack. If your partner picks this engagement ring for you, he admires your differences and thinks you’re pretty special.


Asscher Cut Diamond – The Fashionista
When Aidan chose a pear-shaped ring, Carrie’s reaction followed suit – but thankfully he followed it up with an Asscher cut diamond.

Few cuts have the mystique of the Asscher, a stepped square cut diamond with cut corners, but its popularity has soared since its brief stint on Sex and the City.

Its 1920s vintage style will appeal to the old-souled girl, who likes antique/art-deco charm.


Coloured Diamonds and Stones – The non-conformist

Whether it’s a canary yellow centre stone or more subtle sapphire accents to a diamond, you like to do your own thing, however unconventional – a splash of colour to stand out in the crowd, maybe even an obscure shape for the particularly enigmatic among you.

Your wedding is bound to be fun-filled, as your energy always ensures a party atmosphere. Perhaps you’ll also wear a coloured gown, or have the men looking dapper in bowties. Couples that decide on alternative stones tend to be a bit offbeat and vibrant. Whatever you choose, you’ll be trend-setting.

While we’re on the subject of SATC, when ‘Big’ proposes to Carrie with a 5 carat black diamond and she asks “Why Black?” he responds “Because you’re not like anyone else.”


Radiant Cut – The Show Pony

Radiant-cut diamonds correspond to their name – similar to the emerald-cut diamond, the additional facets give extra sparkle.

Brides that like to show off what they’ve got will be happy to flash around the radiant-cut diamond. Expect a flashy wedding with no expense spared for this girl.

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Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring – the Stylist

It became popular once the style icon Victoria Beckham received the pear-shaped engagement ring from another style icon David Beckham. It is the hybrid of the oval and marquise shape, what makes it appear unique and very stylish.

This shape is intended for women who are not afraid of setting their own standards of style, not like the Fashionista who follows trends.

This bride may wear a two-piece gown or even a stark white pantsuit for her wedding day – she thinks traditions = tired.


Now that you’re feeling sufficiently inspired, pass this article along (or tag him on this Facebook post) and don’t hesitate to get in touch with Win to find your perfect style at The Diamond Shop.

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