My Wedding Diary – How He Proposed (becoming a wedding blogger)

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Welcome to my wedding diary
Let me introduce you to how the wedding blog ‘She Said Yes’ started

Of course, the first question everyone asks when they hear your engagement announcement (or see a large, shiny rock on your finger) is:

“How did he propose!?”

It all happened on 15 February 2015, it wasn’t expected (by either of us!) and you wouldn’t guess what happened!

my wedding diary

Valentine’s Day
I knew earlier in the week that he had planned something for the weekend.  I was excited to wake up on Saturday 14 February (Valentine’s Day) to find out what I’d be doing for the day.  The year before, Blair had organised paddle-boarding in Mission Bay (which I’d wanted to try for ages!!) and took me out of work early to spend the afternoon falling into the surf, followed by dinner at a local Italian.

It turned out that this year, he’d planned for us to go on what had been “Our First Date” back in 2008!

Our First Date
Blair and I have actually known each other since late 2005, when we lived together until 2006 in Christchurch.  After a couple of years apart, he in England for his OE and me beginning my studies at University of Canterbury, we started talking again, and before long I was travelling from Christchurch to Tauranga to visit him for a “date”

Our official first date had been mini-golf followed by dinner at Lone Star – where I had worked back in 2005 when we first met – this is an actual photo from back in 2008 (and a few others of our first weekend together)!

my wedding diary

For the “reenactment”, Blair took me for mini-golf on Tamaki Drive and to Lone Star in Newmarket.  I didn’t take any photos (I didn’t know it was a special occasion… but these are the actual photos from 2008!)

my wedding diarymy wedding diary

Feeling well-fed after a large dinner, we walked around the Auckland’s Eastern Bays with our dogs.

Not satisfied with having planned just one day, he also had a surprise organised for Sunday too, only this time he wouldn’t even tell me what we were doing!  After last year’s surprise I had to at least ask what to wear, and would we be getting wet!?  My only clue was to wear a bikini, so we set off and I sat nervously in the car wondering how much energy I was going to be expected to conjour up on a Sunday morning.

The answer, thankfully, was none! He’d booked us into an Auckland City Day Spa where we had a sauna, sunbathe, then foot scrub, facial and massage treatments, being thoroughly pampered by the lovely therapists.  All that hard-work had given us quite an appetite, so next stop was the Viaduct for lunch in the sun overlooking Auckland Harbour, and finally began wandering back to the car.

On our way past, we popped into the jeweller we frequented from time-to-time where Blair tried on watches he couldn’t afford, and I teased him by trying on incredible diamond rings.  On this occasion, I tried on a $1 million dollar watch (as you do!) and the most beautiful, sparkly engagement ring I could lay my eyes on.

my wedding diarymy wedding diary

Blair took a couple of photos – including one of me trying on the ring… almost as if he was saving it for later!

my wedding diary

It really had been the perfect Valentine’s weekend!
We drove home around the Bays and went to settle in for the afternoon, or so I thought.  You can imagine my surprise (okay, complete shock and disbelief) when, 5 minutes after getting home, up in our bedroom about to relax for the evening, he said “Will you Marry me?”

Well, I said yes!

We celebrated with our flatmates and Champagne, of course!

my wedding diary

my wedding diary

Blair later told me he’d been planning to wait until my birthday in September 2015, when we were to be with my best friend in New York for my birthday, but that after the perfect weekend, he didn’t want to wait any longer.

A week later, I decided to start ‘She Said Yes’ as my own wedding journal – a place to release my thoughts, frustrations and experiences.  Surprisingly, I found wedding planning easy, and I loved writing about it too.  I began sharing wedding planning guides, articles about what I was doing such as how to budget for a wedding and sharing how other brides-to-be could best organise their weddings too.

A year later, I was married and began working on something even better to help women plan their weddings, so I worked tirelessly to create the little white book wedding organiser and diary.  I continue to write (now full time), and spend as much time as I can with my husband Blair.  If you’ve just got engaged, I really encourage you to write a wedding diary.

You’ll never be able to remember all the special moments (even the details of the proposal) if you don’t write them down now.

my wedding diary

That’s what She Said Yes started as, and now I have notes and memories that will last forever (and not just a couple of Facebook announcements!).

my wedding diary

Whether your proposal is really personal, or something you want to share with everyone (tell me, tell me!), make sure to keep a record of it (before you start planning your wedding and proposal memories get swept away).  Head to the Wedding Planning page for an index of content, and if you haven’t already seen the wedding planning book and journal, take a little look at the little white book.


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