How to Choose your Wedding Day Lingerie (and my lust-worthy list)

It’s not just the dress, but what’s underneath it, that I want to wow him with on my wedding day. After picking up my wedding dress, wedding planning talk turned to shoes and other accessories, not least of all, the first and last thing I’ll wear on the big day, the lingerie.
Wedding day lingerie isn’t just about an unforgettable wedding night, it’s also critical that the lingerie is comfortable and well-fitted.  Day to day, I wear the Berlei Soft Sensations range, it’s the softest and most comfortable I’ve ever found, while still being sexy. But, obviously my wedding day lingerie has got to be something pretty special…

While thinking about your groom’s reaction to your bridal lingerie, you also want to know you’re going to be comfortable and well-supported under your wedding dress, so quality is paramount for wedding day lingerie.

Wedding Lingerie Must-Knows:

Fabric Consider how warm it is going to be. If it’s a summer wedding, steer towards natural fabrics like silk and cotton, and away from synthetics which don’t breathe as well.

Colour White is not always the best option, even if your wedding dress is white, because it risks showing through. Choosing ivory or nude bridal lingerie is more sensible for this reason (and if you have any spray tan residue it won’t be quite so noticeable).

Feel I don’t mean how your wedding day lingerie feels to the touch, but how it makes you feel.  You want to spend the day knowing that you’re wearing beautiful, sexy lingerie under your wedding dress, something that makes you feel good.  You could even have some boudoir-style photos taken before you put your wedding-dress on, so choose something that makes you feel beautiful.

Of course, one lingerie company that always makes me feel beautiful is Victoria’s Secret. So, in the hunt for perfect wedding day lingerie, I got a little bit distracted by their very appealing bridal range, perfect for the honeymoon too…