3 Reasons to Rock Flats on Your Wedding Day


As you may already know, I’ve just spent five (long) weeks in a cast, and now I’m stuck in flats. Actually, it has its benefits, so if, for whatever reason you’re considering the flatter sole, here’s a few more…

Reasons to Rock Flats on Your Wedding Day

Every bride has their own preference when it comes to the shoes they’ll wear on their big day. Some of us have feet that have adapted to wearing the tallest, most uncomfortable heels known to man (usually me), while others can’t seem to walk in anything that’s taller than three inches. But the main thing to remember, as Lauren Conrad has shared with Who What Wear is, “Wedges, mid-height heels, dressy sandals, and even chic ballet flats are all good options.” As long as they match beautifully with your stunning dress, you can wear any shoes that your heart and feet desire.

Heels are still a very popular choice of footwear for many women, but before you make any commitments, consider looking at your choices of flats. Just the resident style experts from Lyst have noted in their collection for Party Flats, you don’t need to be in high heels in order to look glamorous on special occasions. Further proving this point are the women who have had beach nuptials, opting for foot jewellery and anklets as a substitute for heels, though some might be put off by the idea of seeing everyone’s bare feet on such a romantic day.

Forgoing shoes altogether may not be a realistic choice for everyone, but don’t knock flats off your list before you try them. Here are a few reasons to find perfect flats for your wedding:

1) If your dress is long enough, no one will even notice you’ve got flat shoes on
Although your shoes are just as important of a decision as your dress is, the main focus of guests are the gown and the attitude with which you wear it. A dress that grazes the floor will keep your shoes hidden while still giving the illusion of height.

2) You’re more likely to wear your wedding flats again
The fashion writers from Glamour have advised readers to think twice about those bedazzled stilettos, which will be much harder to wear on a regular basis, compared to satin flats that can be blended into a variety of outfits.

3) You’re expected to dance at your wedding
No one wants to see a bride sitting at the table all by herself while everyone else is tearing it up on the dance floor. With all the planning that went into this day, you need to do everything to keep yourself happy, from head-to-toe, and giving yourself the opportunity to bust a few moves on the dance floor.

Your wedding is about you (and your future spouse, of course), so prioritise what will keep you happy on your wedding day. If that means swapping traditional bridal heels for elegant white sandals, go for it, by all means!

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