Thank You Notes from the Heart

There’s something so special about receiving letters in the post these days, and it doesn’t get much more special than receiving a truly personal hand-written note from the heart.

While it might be the last thing you feel like doing post-wedding, writing thoughtful thank you letters is such a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with all of your guests, reflect on your memories of the day and with them, and express your gratitude for their presence (and possibly their gifts too).

Writing Thank you Cards after Wedding

Get Organised Early: Order your Thank You Cards
To encourage me to do so, I organised my thank you cards at the same time as the rest of the wedding stationery and had them sent out to me pre-wedding.  Since the wedding a month ago, having the stack of cards and envelopes by my bed has been the perfect reminder of the time I spent with my friends and family.

Get Started Soon
According to tradition, you have up to a year, but in the instant-communication era we live in, you should aim for 3-6 months. Slowly but surely, I’ve been working my way through the cards, thinking about the time I spent with each of my guests and taking the time to be grateful for each of them and writing truly personal notes from the heart.

With favours falling out of fashion somewhat, thank you cards are also a great opportunity to give something back to your guests.  I chose to do so with a few printed photos for each guest – one of Blair and myself (our favourite photo of the joyous ceremony exit!) together with a couple of photos of the guests themselves where possible.

Leave a Lasting Impression: Thoughtful and Personal
As soon as we got our first selection of wedding photos back (so exciting!), I downloaded them and started ordering prints. It was even more exciting to pick them up – they look even better in print than they do online!

I tucked a few photos into each envelope and began sending them off.  Of course, I haven’t actually finished my thank you cards yet, but now I have a little pile of photos of all the beautiful faces I owe thank you’s to – and that acts as another reminder to finish them!

Once you’ve finished writing your thank you cards, you can start writing in I still do