For Teeth as White as your Wedding Dress!

It’s the happiest day of your life, so don’t be surprised if your jaw aches from ear to ear by the end of the night from smiling so much. Having the perfect smile is something many brides and grooms will be after, but what results can they achieve in time for the big day?

Braces or Invisalign

To change the placement of your teeth you’ll need to take action well in advance. One of my best friends has just begun wearing metal braces, and she actually looks adorable with them, they’re definitely not the scary looking contraptions they used to be. Metal braces are fastest, but if you don’t want to have to wear metal braces, Invisalign is a less noticeable method, gently moving your teeth into place. Braces and Invisalign range from a couple of thousand to around $10,000, so it’s certainly a pricy option.

In Clinic Whitening

Blair and I didn’t have our teeth whitened before our wedding, but instead tried out Brighter Smile‘s couples’ whitening procedure, and now I’m just kicking myself that we didn’t get onto it a couple of years ago!

There are two ways you can whiten your teeth, either at home or at a clinic, and both options are available at Brighter Smile. If you choose to do this at home, it can take a few weeks to achieve the desired results, as you’ll need to wear a tray using a special gel either overnight or for a couple of hours a day.

Instead, we opted for Beyond Polus Ultimate White – a 1 hour treatment consisting of four 15-minute whitening cycles. The results speak for themselves!

Brighter Smile Teeth Whitening Review AucklandBeforeBrighter Smile Teeth Whitening Review AucklandAfter

Our lovely practitioner Rebekah was able to get our teeth eight shades whiter – as this close up attests. Currently $169 per person – usually $239.

The procedure itself wasn’t scary at all – though it looks a little like a dentist’s studio it’s entirely pain-free (Blair demonstrates…)

Brighter Smile Teeth Whitening Review Auckland Wedding Day Bride Teeth Whitening Couple Brighter Smile Teeth Whitening Review Auckland Wedding Day Bride Teeth Whitening Couple

At home Whitening

Another option I have tried before is at-home whitening trays. Ranging from $159 at Brighter Smile (I paid around $500 five years ago), a practitioner will make take an impression of your teeth and create custom whitening trays to take home. Armed with a kit of of whitening gel you can whiten your teeth whenever you feel like at home (whenever you don’t feel like talking for half an hour). While I never found the results as good as the in-clinic treatment this week, I’m going to keep up my whitening at home with a whitening pen ($40).

Natural ways to brighter your teeth

If you don’t want to undertake treatments, there are natural measures you can take – but nothing that truly makes up for your tea, coffee and red-wine addiction. At least one month out from your wedding date you should cut back on those and consider alternatives that won’t affect your smile.

Many naturopaths swear by a combination of coconut oil pulling, apple cider vinegar, even baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Improving your diet will also help, as a diet of processed foods high in acid can worsen enamel thinning, while healthy foods such as strawberries and broccoli are also said to be good for your grin. Good oral health is a given for bright, white teeth, and seeing a dentist at least once a year for a clean can work wonders.

However long you have before your wedding, I recommend giving thought to your oral health, and if you’re interested in professional teeth whitening, get in touch with Brighter Smile. I was invited by Brighter Smile to experience their in-clinic whitening, and can wholeheartedly recommend them.

While we were just in for teeth whitening this time, next time I return I’m going to multi-task – their sister business Luxe Beauty Room offers lash extensions, manicures, brow tinting and shaping!