Make no mistake – Beautiful Wedding Inspiration and Beautiful Wedding Advice

This stunning Taylor’s Mistake shoot is the result of a collaboration between a group of South Island creatives sure to inspire, but rather than just share their creative genius, I asked them for pearls of wedding planning wisdom too.

With collective decades in the in wedding industry collectively, their wedding advice is as beautiful as their wedding inspiration.

Ashleigh of Ashleigh Jane Make up & Hair Artistry is the down to earth make up artist behind model Shoni’s beautiful glowing bridal look.  Married for two years and with almost eight in the wedding industry, she has a wealth of advice for brides.

The lead up can be stressful, you’re ‘tearing your hair out with worry’ and then your skin breaks out. To look and feel your best when you’re about to walk down the aisle, my beauty advice:

For hair, I believe in repairing from the inside out.  Vitamin B works miracles, it strengthens, adds moisture and makes your hair glow, and quality hair products tailored for your colour. Ensure you wash your hair at least a day before the wedding not on the day.

When it comes to caring for your face the best advice, book yourself in for frequent facial peels to ensure you have no breakouts. Your skin will feel rejuvenated and be flawless which will help contribute to the perfect makeup finish. Discuss with your make up artist colour choices and styles – everyone is different so embrace your own beauty and trust your artist.

Photographer Johanna

Relax and be yourself – have fun with your new husband/wife and bridal party. The photographer might ask for some poses but a lot of the time they will likely be capturing real moments as they unfold. You are marrying your love, let go of other stresses and worries and enjoy yourself.

Beautiful model Shoni Renee

Don’t put the pressure on yourself to be perfect. That pressure will make you see things irrationally – make it a focus to whole heartedly be yourself in the moments, and everything that builds the moments. That’s what carries constant and fulfilling happiness on your day, not the shallow perfection of things.

Photographer Sarah Clements:

Book a photographer that you absolutely love. If you love their images and want to hang out with them on your big day, you will absolutely love your wedding photos. I can’t stress that enough as I constantly hear from other brides who have let budget dictate their photographer decisions and come to me disappointed wanting their photos reshot wishing they had gone with their gut instinct and not their wallet.

Florist Flowerhead

Let your wedding flowers reflect you, for example do certain flowers remind you of a special memory or person or does a flower’s scent evoke an emotion? Including flowers with personal meaning will add to the magic of your wedding day. Research florists and choose one you feel best reflects your style. Meet or have a conversation with them and ensure you establish a connection and trust that they will interpret your dreams. Be true to yourself however be open to suggestions. Florists live and breathe flowers and may have ideas to enhance yours, e.g. a combination you hadn’t considered. The seasonal nature of flowers means that not all varieties are available all year round however a good florist will be able to advise alternatives that they think best reflect your style.

Dress designer Robyn of Mille Feuille Bridal

Pay attention to the Fit! Regardless of the value of your gown, a poorly fitted gown will make it look less valuable.  Have the dress fit perfectly to you no more than 2 weeks out from the wedding – many brides’ weight fluctuates in the lead top as nerves fire.

Choose just one or two guests to bring to your dress appointment (those which are supportive, honest and on your wave-length) – and don’t bring babies or children gown shopping!

Believe it or not, not every bride instinctively chooses the exact gown she thinks she will love (according to her pinterest board). A space and time that is free of distractions can be what is needed most when trying on gowns in order to make some critical decisions.

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Photography by Johanna McDonald


Photography by Sarah Clements