Summer Skin is Made in Winter

While no longer a bride-to-be, I spend enough time in front of a camera to notice every wrinkle, sunspot or area of dryness. Always taking photos for social media and this website, (I even recently modelled wedding gowns for a styled shoot), I can’t avoid noticing my skin is ageing, and more frequently looking dull and dehydrated.

At 27, I thought I was already doing everything I could about it – occasional facials, good quality skincare, drinking enough water – you know the drill. Recently though, About Face invited me to level up my regime, and try the Clear + Brilliant® programme – a series of four fractional laser treatments . Incase you hadn’t heard, Clear + Brilliant just won NZ’s Best Face Treatment at the recent NZ Best in Beauty Awards – so I felt pretty confident I was in good hands.

What is Clear + Brilliant?

Clear + Brilliant® is a unique, non-invasive option for preventative skincare, filling the gap between topical treatments and more aggressive laser treatment such as Fraxel®, and offering an alternative to Botox. Rather than spot-treat specific lines, it refreshes and treats your entire face. The laser energy behind Clear + Brilliant creates millions of microscopic treatment zones in the upper layers of the skin. replacing damaged skin with healthy. younger-looking tissue.

My Clear + Brilliant experience

About Face suggested that three of my treatments were the original Clear + Brilliant, to focus on skin texture, skin elasticity, minimising pore appearance and assisting collagen production, with a fourth focussed on skintone with Clear+ Brilliant Permea.

My first Clear + Brilliant laser treatment was in March, and I have just completed the series, having spent an hour with Sharma every three weeks. The first step is a facial cleansing, then application of topical numbing cream, then twenty to thirty minutes of the laser treatment all over my face, to the eye-line and hair-line. If you’ve been following my instagram-story experience, you’ll know it hasn’t always been without a little discomfort, in fact the old adage No Pain, No Gain has come to mind a couple of times. I should note that I have a very low pain threshold and cried the only time I had my legs waxed (and made the therapist stop).

It was my first time having any kind of ‘laser’ treatment, though if you’ve used laser technology for hair-reduction, you’ll be familiar with the feeling already. Sharma built up the intensity of the laser on each of my visits, and ensured that the sensation was tolerable throughout. Though I didn’t exactly enjoy that part of the facial, there was never a time I actually thought about asking her to stop, because I really really really wanted the promised results.

The feeling is akin to IPL, a ‘rubber-band’ flicking of the skin, which does leave the skin quite pink and hot. It’s a treatment to undergo when you’re not heading out for a heating curry, alcoholic drinks or to get your photo taken. The redness can last a few hours to overnight (pictured below), with skin becoming a bit dry and possibly flaky in the days thereafter. Because you have to avoid the sun for a few days, it’s ideal to do during the Winter months.

The Results: Pain is Beauty?

Thankfully, another old adage was true, Pain is Beauty – I’m very happy to report that its efficacy has made a slightly red and puffy face now and then very worth it.

My skin is more full, plump and hydrated than ever. The visible lines around my eyes and mouth have just about disappeared, while my forehead lines have also softened. I love to not wear make-up, and can honestly say my skin appears so much more radiant and ‘fresh’ without even a BB cream, than before.

The best part – it can last up to 18 months, depending on age, skin condition and how I look after my skin in the meantime. I love the results, and I’d definitely be up for it again – but there’s certainly an incentive to look after my skin if it means more time between treatments!

About Face Clear Brilliant review Megan Hutchison

There’s no better time to start the Clear + Brilliant treatments, especially if you’re heading down the aisle in the next six to nine months, when the results will be at their peak. If your youthful glow is diminishing (like mine) it’s the perfect series of treatments to rejuvenate and renew.

Get in touch with the team at About Face to find out more about Clear + Brilliant!