Ensure you have healthy skin for your wedding day

Having just celebrated my 26th birthday, I’m truly into my mid-20s and no longer able to avoid the subtle but certain effects of ageing. Aside from hangovers lasting longer, and winter kilos budging slower, I’m also very conscious of how my skin is aging.

I always look after my body and skin anyway, but with only 5 months lead up to my wedding, I’m even more keen to keep healthy, and that includes my skin.  As lucky as we are to be able to top up our tans in barely an afternoon in New Zealand, our skin is definitely at risk of aging fast too, so it pays to protect it.

1. For the past month I’ve been using Dermalogica’s brand new Retinol skin treatment.  Retinol has been conclusively shown to help repair aged skin, and is the most sought after ingredient in the anti-aging skin treatments.  However, it’s also quite strong, and can be irritating to skin as a first-time user, and especially when it comes to your delicate facial skin, you need to be careful. Dermalogica have come up with a genius way to combat this side effect, by creating a completely customisable formula.

The treatment comes with both a Repair serum, and a Buffer cream, so that you can combine the two at a ratio that suits your individual skin (starting with 1/4 s
erum to 3/4 cream, for example).
As my skin has built up a tolerance to the retinol, I’ve started increasing the ratio of serum, and have completely avoided skin irritation. I’m yet to notice my own skin changing, but the power of retinol is proven, so it’s a matter of when not if.

2. At the same time as treating the signs of aging, of course you have to address the symptoms, and SPF is a no-brainer.  While it’s common to pick up SPF 10-20 in a foundation or BB cream,  MAC’s newest foundation takes that protection further with its Studio Waterweight in SPF30, while also creating absolutely stunning skin!  Studio Waterweight was all over the runway at New Zealand Fashion Week, but it’s now available to the public.  It’s a really fluid and thin formula which can be layered to build coverage, and creates a beautifully soft and real sheer look, while blurring pores and fine-lines.  My skin feels silky and uber-hydrated, huge bonus post-travel!  Big tick for MAC’s Studio Waterweight from me.

3. Instead of succumbing to the temptation of a real tan, I’m using the gorgeously natural Bondi Sands tanning range, and noone knows my healthy glow didn’t come from LA.  It’s easy to apply and doesn’t have the all too common tan-smell that some self-tanners do either!

4. Staying hydrated is an absolute must for healthy skin, so I’ve taken to filling a huge jug of water at my desk at work and ensuring I’ve emptied it by the end of each day.  I’m conscious that the party season is going to increase my champagne to water ratio, but I’ll be taking the soft-drink option frequently too.  I also made a conscious effort to stay hydrated while travelling, as planes can be so drying, and found that using 1Above really encouraged me to keep drinking water while on board.

5. You are what you eat, quite literally: your skin cells (and every other cell) is made up of what you put into your body, so with every nourishing meal I know I’m doing my skin a favour too.  As part of my ‘Fit Bride’ mission, I’m making delicious healthy smoothies every morning, combining natural protein powders, fresh fruit, ice and water with a NutriBullet blender, and feeling oh-so-virtuous as I sit at my desk sipping my breakfast! I’m also using it at the weekend to whip up delicious banana pancakes from scratch, just blend and pour!

 6. Sleeping Beauty: If only it was as easy to do as say, but getting your beauty sleep is an absolute must.  I make sure my bed is a place I feel calm and relaxed, with nice linen, a couple of books to look through if I can’t sleep, and scented candles.  I’m loving NZ’s Matakana Botanicals in Peony & Rose – it smells divine.