She Said Yes… We Said Vegas! From SIN-CITY to SKYCITY

Whether you’re Bridesmaids biggest fan (and who isn’t?) or inspired by the antics of The Hangover – the allure of a Las Vegas Bachelorette Party cannot be denied.

For an outrageous final night’s girls’ trip and raucous “what happens in Vegas” fun, Sin City is the obvious choice.  For most, though, a weekend away to Nevada is just a little out of the question!  That doesn’t mean that an elaborate pre-nuptial Vegas-style hens party is out though, if you play your cards right you can have all the glitz, glamour and ‘gram worthy snaps without crossing the Pacific – right here in Auckland.

From Sin-City… to SKYCITY

I’d be willing to bet that I’m the only person whose had a bachelorette party in Las Vegas and SkyCity – I certainly got lucky – and can tell you that a Sin City style hens’ night is totally achievable without a high-stakes budget!

How I ended up in Las Vegas…

When I announced my engagement to my bestie (and soon to be MOH) who was living in New York, her first thought was to organise a Vegas hens do.  Naturally, for most of our friends, this was a no-go… it wasn’t long until dreams of having all the girls hit the Las Vegas strip proved unrealistic.

It wasn’t ’til I was planning to travel to LA to pick up my wedding dress in September that we realised we could do it: just the two of us and a few nights on a mini Las Vegas bachelorette in Sin City.  Suffice to say, it was amazing… one Dodge Charger and a Bridezilla tee later, we were on our way into the dessert, for a non stop 72 hours of food, drink, gambling and parties.

Now, we all know… What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas so I can’t tell you everything, but I can use the experience to tell you that you can plan a “Vegas” weekend right here, and see the original Vegas Bachelorette for inspiration too.

So, almost a year to the day to checking in for my Las Vegas Bachelorette Party, Millie and I checked into the SKYCITY Grand to relive the experience.

Chips on the table and Champagne chilled, we were ready to hit the town (or the city, I should say…)

Cocktails, Sashimi, Champagne and Sake at MASU was the first order of business (the first time I’ve ever attended without ordering the dessert platter!)

MASU is home to the best Japanese, if not the best cuisine in the country and is Metro’s 2016 Restaurant of the Year, and it doesn’t take long to figure out why.  While I’m not sure we actually touched a fresh (or ‘real’) bite of food our entire Vegas vacay, a night here is an occasion in itself.  The cocktails are outstanding, the service impeccable and the food delicious – the perfect start to an evening of indulgence…

Suitably sake’d, we head to the Casino floor to play the table games.  Quite honestly, when we gambled in Las Vegas we lost almost every spin of the roulette wheel, and certainly every hand at blackjack.  This time… we read the rules!

Sipping Champagne in Aces bar within the Casino, we were instantly transported back to the Las Vegas strip: the lights, the excitement, the anticipation and the chance of winning big… (Go big or go home, right?!)

To protect others’ privacy, I’ve blurred photos of others playing.

The Casino floor is home to all the Casino games you’d expect or be familiar with internationally.  While I don’t consider I have the skills or expertise to hold my own at the Poker table, there’s other games which require much less serious gambling, such as the roulette wheel (as simple as choosing a black or red bet, should you choose to take it easy), and the newest game on the floor: Snake Eyes.  We watched a quick demonstration and tried to learn the rules before realising that knowing how to play isn’t nearly as important as blowing on the dice for luck and saying “Mama needs a new pair of shoes” with each roll – ’cause we actually won this game!

A couple of hours later, and a few winning spins of the roulette wheel, we took a little of our winnings to the slot machines, mostly because they were far too bright and colourful not to take a photo by!

Vegas Hens Party Bachelorette Hotel Inspired Skycity Slot Machines Casino

We dropped our cameras and phones off in the room before working up an appetite dancing til the early hours at bar twenty-one, amongst the Miss Universe pageant hopefuls who’d swapped their ball gowns for club wear (very Vegas!)

We had an AMAZING time, and showed ourselves (and hopefully you) how good a “Las Vegas” Bachelorette Party could be, sans Las Vegas itself. What you’ll need:

A plush hotel room
We stayed at the Grand Hotel, and it made such a difference to our night out to be able to pop between restaurants, bars, the Casino and the room – really making the Vegas experience.  Book a large deluxe suite and play a couple of bachelorette party games in the room before heading downstairs.

You’re spoiled for choice on Federal Street, where I can often be found, between Japanese MASU’s incredible cocktail line-up, spanish Bellota cocktails and tapas, and everything you’d expect from a New York style diner/delicatessen at “The Fed” as it’s colloquially known.

Likewise, the food, whether from 63 floors up the Sky Tower, along Federal or in the Casino itself (hello again Andy’s Burgers!), food offerings rival if not exceed those along the Las Vegas strip.

There’s often shows at the Theatre, as well as live music and DJS at bar twentyone and in the Casino itself, but the Casino table games are the ideal way to really get the Las Vegas Bachelorette Party feel, without going to Nevada itself.

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