3 ways to Ensure you Remember your Wedding Day

How can you Ensure you Remember your Wedding Day?

Slow down, be present and soak up every single moment so that you remember your wedding day.

It’s one of the most commonly cited wedding day tips, but few ever actually explain how to ensure you remember your wedding day. If you’re anything like me (or even if you’re not), you won’t have time to sit around meditating, but there are plenty of other ways to prevent wedding day memory loss. Helping brides-to-be remember and later reflect upon their engagement and wedding day is one of the main reasons I created the little white book, so now I’ve taken it a step further and substituted conventional wisdom for real-life applicable tips to help your grey matter along.

“Take a moment”

Finding time for each guest is hard enough, before you even begin to find time for yourself. “Take a moment to relax and soak it all up” just mightn’t be realistic between the ceremony, photography session, reception, cake cutting and first dance (and by this time you may have had too much Champagne to remember to do so). Instead, I suggest you find your moment early in the day – between waking up and your hair and make-up, or shortly after, give yourself half an hour in your busy on-the-day schedule to be alone, and take some notes (use your little white book if you have one, of course!).

The process of physically writing things down actually helps you to think: it takes twice as long as typing, forcing your brain to engage with the subject matter, and improving your power of recall. E.g. How do you feel this morning, what are you most looking forward to today, are you nervous?

“Stop and smell the roses”

The old adage is not simply about flowers, but about taking the time to enjoy or appreciate life. This advice on your wedding day, however, is perfunctory – time is exactly what we don’t have enough of. What the phrase gets right though, is the power of ‘smell’.

Picking a fragrance for your wedding is the beginning of a scent story that will forever invoke feelings and memories of that day.  We all have certain memory triggers linked to smell – vivid recollections of your Grandparents’ house perhaps, playing in wet grass as a child, even the smell of an ex-partner’s cologne brings to mind experiences and feelings.

Scientifically, the olfactory nerve is close to the brain area which is connected to emotion and memory.  If you use a particular perfume only on special occasions (for instance the perfume you use on your wedding day) it will have a huge impact on your memory. The smell of what you choose to wear on your wedding day will forever be a reminder of the special moments.

Most brides will ask themselves whether wear a new perfume specially selected for that day or use your favorite perfume?  You might choose to wear the perfume you have always used, perhaps because your fiance fell in love with you while you wore that same fragrance.  However, most brides like to select a completely new and special kind of fragrance for the wedding day, and create a new fragrance memory. Givenchy’s new Dahlia Divin Le Nectar de Parfum is a precious and delicate fragrance, notes of Mimosa (the ultimate golden flower) and fragrant Jasmine create a scent you will love for years to come, as the memories of the day flood back in a single breath. *WIN* this beautiful fragrance on Facebook via the link at end.

If you do opt to wear your favourite fragrance, keep in mind that it’s often photographed in the pre-wedding shots, and you may want to have a new bottle for that reason. Dahlia Divin Le Nectar’s bottle is made of lacquered glass in shades of gold, adorned with gold thread, making it perfectly photo-ready for your big day too.

“Step away for some time alone with your new husband”

This sounds like great advice, but even if you do step away from the rush and excitement of the big day and spend some alone time, you’re no more likely to actually remember that conversation than you are any other. Instead, grab your iphone (yes, break your own no-phones rule) and film (or voice-record) yourselves for 5 minutes. You might feel awkward doing so to start with, but it’s an unbeatable way to remember things. I have voice recordings of my Mum and I chatting over the six months before she died, and they’re not only precious so that I can hear her voice, but they remind me of the moment itself, and as the conversation is replayed, the feelings come flooding back.

Talk about your day so far, who you’ve spoken to, how you felt during the ceremony, what’s made you laugh, and what you’re looking forward to for the evening ahead.

Better yet, prepare for this moment with a little snack-basket to ensure you eat on the day. Overstimulation sometimes results in forgetting to eat, so kill two birds with one stone with this tip! Tuck your phone into the snack-basket in the morning, and take a few snaps or a short recording, and you’ll treasure it forever.

In conclusion… “Be Present”

The day may feel a bit foggy, and go by in a bit of a blur, but I’m unconvinced that a resolution to “be present” is all that helpful too. What you can do though, is avoid further blurriness by ensuring you eat a substantial and nutritious breakfast and avoid drinking too much throughout the day. During the moments you have with your new spouse, take a selfie or short video recording.

The following day, before you begin another exciting day greeting family and guests at a day after function, give yourself a little time to take a few notes of the previous day, especially if you ran out of time to do so on the morning.

Spritz your wedding perfume like you did just 24 hours earlier, and recall all of yesterday’s special memories as they come rushing back to you.

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