venue selection – little white book limited offer


As a special offer just for you, this is the 5-page venue selection document. It’s part of the little white wedding planning pack, details below:

The foundation steps that you will build your wedding on.

By using the questions, checklists and templates, you will set the stage for an amazing wedding that’s no stress to organise.

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The little white wedding planning pack is an electronic set of documents that you’ll be emailed instantly upon ordering. Inside you’ll find:

  • checklist of the first steps you need to undertake (including venue selection, which you’re purchasing now!)
  • wedding planning worksheets to help you select your wedding venue, caterer, cake maker, photographer, music/entertainment, stationer, florist and celebrant – all the most important bride business
  • a helpful worksheet to brainstorm style/theme for your wedding day

We’ve also included two bonus templates. These files are provided in Excel format (.xlsx) and are a handy alternative to couples who want to keep track of their guest list and wedding budget on the computer.

  • the wedding budget planner helps you work out how to portion out your wedding’s finances. This spreadsheet will allow you to make and stick to a wedding budget, whether it is big or small. Helpful built-in formulas portion out your estimated budget so you can see where you could be over spending.
  • the wedding guest list planner is another helpful spreadsheet. It keeps track of guest names, addresses, counts the number of wedding invitations required, tallies up the number of guests automatically for you and also highlights those guests who haven’t RSVPed.