Pre-Wedding Beauty Prep & Skincare Routine – Nicole Warne v Me.

Whoa. Nicole Warne just revealed her pre-wedding beauty prep and skincare routine and it is #extra #AF. It’s also tedious, time-consuming and expensive. Read on if you want to find out how you could spend the next year of your life splurging on skincare luxuries, and also, to compare it what I, a (fairly) normal – but also skincare obsessive – did for my pre-wedding beauty prep.

gary-pepper-girl-nicole-warne-pre-wedding-beauty-prep-skincare-routineYes, the bags under her eyes really are Chanel.

Nicole Warne v Me: The Pre-Wedding Beauty Prep & Skincare Routine Showdown

Nicole Warne & I have two things in common. We’re both bloggers – I am not in her league (she’s Gary Pepper Girl). We’re both from the Antipodes – she’s Australian. Nicole even got married in New Zealand (to the gorgeous photographer Luke Shadbolt). We both love our skin and have a keen interest in beauty.

Prior to our Big Day too, I upped the ante on my pre-wedding skincare and beauty – of course I wanted gorgeous glowing, skin. And I did. I dramatically improved my skin in the lead up , from about six months prior to the wedding. However, my beauty regime escalation was also manageable and realistic – so much so in fact, that it still is my beauty routine.

Yes, you want to have a flawless complexion on your wedding day, but don’t you also want to start a habit you won’t actually want to break after, too? Here’s what Nicole Warne did in her pre-wedding beauty prep & skincare routine, and here’s what I did, and have continued to do every day, week, month and year since ours just over two years ago.

Nicole Warne on Nicole Warne’s Pre-Wedding Beauty Prep:

“For once, I didn’t feel guilty for making the time to work out or disappearing for hours to get my hair done. It’s the one time in your life that you feel like you’re ‘allowed’ to put yourself first, and it’s so, so fun.

“I’ll be honest with you: It’s a lot of work. It’s tedious. It’s expensive. It’s a commitment.

Me on my Pre-Wedding Beauty Prep:

“I work full time and also try to have a life between work and sleep. When I spend thousands of dollars, I expect to get a trip to Hawaii, or a handbag in return…”

Pre-Wedding Routine FACE:

Nicole Warne:

Warne has been seeing celebrity facialist Melanie Grant, who sees Cate Blanchett and Lara Bingle, regularly for years.

A month out from the wedding, she committed to three treatments a week. FYI, a facial at Melanie Grant starts at $150 and can cost up to $600:

  • A once-monthly deep cleanse using sonophoresis that meticulously cleans the skin pore by pore and helps soften and liquefy sebum, dirt, and debris. This helps to treat any congestion I had on my forehead.
  • Microdermabrasion to gently exfoliate, buff, and polish the skin using an ultrafine diamond tip to ensure no marks are left on the skin. Also once-monthly.
  • Custom lactic acid and niacinamide or enzyme peels to further refine and descale the upper most layers of the skin on my face, neck, and décolletage.
  • Vitamin infusions of a customized cocktail of actives (things like vitamin C, resveratrol, niacinamide, ferulic acid, squalene, hyaluronic acid, liquorice extract, AHAs) applied with ultrasound to penetrate 800 times deeper into the skin.
  • Bioloqigue Recherche’s BioMagic Mask or Masque VIP 02 to oxygenate and nourish the skin.
  • Light therapy, combining red (633nm) and white light (850nm) to induce collagen and elastin, calm inflammation, and stimulate blood flow to promote radiance, clarity, and GLOW! These light treatments are a godsend. I always see instant results.
  • A facial massage to stimulate blood flow.

She even had a facial on the morning of her wedding.

“Melanie came over and we did a quick facial,” Warne wrote. “This isn’t normal and I don’t recommend it if you don’t know without a doubt what your results will be, but I felt radiant.”

Me: I had 3 facials in the lead up to my wedding over three months, which are approximately $120 each. Louise Gray, (who I’m sure sees other such celebrity clients so famous they can’t be named) prescribed the products I should use – primarily Dermalogica.

I followed her advice and prescriptions religiously… around 85% of the time, but I did adhere 100% to a few unbreakable rules, cleansing effectively twice per day (at the time I used a sonic brush, now I use Skin Sonic), applying sunscreen every single day, and adding more healthy fats and a flaxseed oil to my diet to hydrate my skin from within. The flaxseed oil is absolutely disgusting, but I’m pretty sure it works 🙂

I did not have a facial on my wedding day… as funnily enough I was running around organising my wedding day, and then relaxing prior to actually getting married.

Pre-Wedding Routine BODY:

Nicole Warne: Warne said she normally exercises three times a week with a trainer doing a combination of CrossFit, cardio and weights.

“Four weeks before the wedding, I started working with my personal trainer Scott Madden of Body Movement to target specific areas. I wanted to tone arms, armpits, abs, and butt. I committed to three classes a week, plus two private sessions, focusing on lifting heavier weights,” she wrote.

She also had  twice-weekly private Pilates lessons with Kirsten King at Fluidform in Sydney’s Waterloo. “Kirsten changed my alignment, posture, and life when I first started seeing her a few years ago due to lower back pain. I could only commit to two sessions per week, but if I lived closer to the studio I would have gone every day. I felt stronger and leaner after my second session.

Nicole has remedial massage once every two weeks to help relieve any muscle tightness from exercising so much

She also took regular baths.

Me: I also take regular baths.

The Wedding Prep DIET:

Nicole Warne: Warne has been on a plant-based, caffeine-free diet for the past two years “by choice” and is also gluten intolerant… so she stuck to her regular healthy diet.

“A month out, I cut out refined sugars, alcohol, and whole grains. I lived on a diet of plant-based protein, vegetables, some complex carbs, fruit, and natural fats,” she wrote.

For a naturopath, she sees Anthia Koullouros from Ovvio Organics in Sydney who made her some Chinese herbal tonics to help get her skin glowing – wait, what, the above wasn’t cutting it!?

Miraculously just before the wedding, her perioral dermatitis cleared after three months of taking prescription based probiotics (Metagenics Ultra Flora LGG and Mutaflor). She also started taking Glow Inner Beauty Powder by The Beauty Chef—it has 24 certified organic, bio-fermented, and probiotic superfoods — as well as her usual supplements of vitamin B and vegan fish oil.

Meditation too, of course. She did a weekly session of Vinyasa yoga or Bikram to help me decompress and centre her thoughts.

Me: Um. No comment..?

Okay, okay, I joke.

did workout, and I continue to do so, but I also wish brides-to-be (and girls in general) would chill out on the pre-wedding shred diet, the over-exercising and the undereating, because doing so, especially at times of stress and pressure, can be incredibly bad for your health, beyond just how your body looks. You can read about my own battle with infertility following my pre-wedding ‘routine’ if you’re interested.


Nicole Warne: Warne got her teeth straightened and whitened.

“Oddly, as soon as I got engaged, fixing my teeth was my first priority. My bottom teeth were overcrowded but I could never commit to Invisalign’s price tag or treatment time due to work,” she wrote.

“I cut my treatment time in half by buying Acceledent, a small vibrating machine you wear with a mouth guard for 20 minutes every day that helps your teeth move faster. After six months I had perfect, straight teeth and I couldn’t be happier.

“I got a Philips Zoom in-chair treatment at my dentist. It was expensive, painful and I had sensitivity for days, but if you’re time-poor, this is the fastest way to get instant results.”

Me: I actually do love having nice, white teeth, and I prioritise dental health to do so. I didn’t have anything particular done prior to our wedding, but I have always looked after my smile.

I have recently started seeing Dentspa, who are absolutely wonderful, and had I discovered them prior to our wedding, I would have done teeth-whitening with them too. While you can get your teeth whitened (almost) anywhere now, I prefer to see a qualified dentist to do so.

No Judgment.

Nicole Warne is a blogger and celebrity, and she clearly loves her skincare, beauty, body and diet. I’m sure we could all learn something from her routine, but the reason I share this is to keep it real, too.

This is what weddings do to people. Correction, this is what weddings do to people if they let it. Yes, you could take up Nicole Warne’s pre-wedding beauty prep and skincare routine, or you could start a routine you’ll actually be able to afford and stick to, and it doesn’t have to be too elaborate.

I too want a flawless complexion, and I try my absolute best to give my skin and my body everything it needs for optimal health, but my routine is much, much more simple. If you want to totally transform your skin, I do suggest seeing a facialist to prescribe you products. I swear by Dermalogica, and they offer a ‘Face Fit’ 15 minute facial to prescribe what your skin needs – their Pre-Cleanse Balm is one of my absolute favourites, because cleansing and exfoliating is life, and I always use it with Skin Sonic. If you want to transform your body, go for it, but be smart and safe and be eating enough too, and like your skin, do so in a way that is consistent and that you will want to continue after the wedding.

If you’re wedding planning, make sure you subscribe and head to the index for all the wedding planning wisdom you could ask for – no Chanel under-eye masks necessary.