Post-Engagement Party Blues

The Engagement Party has been and gone, leaving me with wonderful memories, a faint headache, and a renewed focus on organising the wedding.

It was honestly one of the best nights of my life, and I’d encourage any bride to go to the time, trouble and expense to organise their own too (yes, it’s easy enough not to have one, and they’re not essential, but they’re also really truly special). I wrote ‘How to organise your engagement party‘ – so you have no excuse. One of the biggest advantages to planning my engagement party is that I now know what will be involved in planning my wedding – it’s like a practice run of sorts.

We had a photographer take our engagement photos in the afternoon and then pop into the engagement party to take a few there, and I’m so glad we did.

Now that the party’s over though, I feel a bit low, like I don’t have something to look forward to, which is of course, ridiculous. I’ve got just less than 10 months until the wedding now, which of course will include a Bridal Shower and Hen’s Do (and any other party I can think of in the meantime!), but 10 months of planning should turn into a pretty fantastic party – I honestly can’t wait!

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