Planning the Perfect Picnic Date


In the ten years or so we’ve been “dating“, you think at some time we’d have been on the simple Picnic date, and now that we have, it’s definitely going to be on the cards again. Planning the perfect picnic date is as such an easy, quick and romantic way to spend time together one-on-one: just pack a delicious lunch and finding a scenic spot to enjoy the fresh air.  No reservations needed, no waiters interrupting your conversations, and all your favourite foods can be on the menu.

The perfect picnic date really only requires a 5 minute whip-round the supermarket, a few plates and utensils from home, and a walk or drive to one of this country’s countless scenic spaces.  It can be as simple as or as fancy as you choose, and to send you on your way I’ve got an amazing perfect picnic date prize pack to giveaway (scroll to bottom to win).

Privacy, peace and quiet all come to mind for a perfect picnic date.  Auckland’s numerous beaches are ideal, but equally good ideas for a picnic date: a park or nature reserve, atop a hill, botanical gardens, or a view of the city skyline.  We stopped in to pick up a coffee in Takapuna and chose Minnehaha just a few minutes away.  We love to be by the water, and it was the perfect picnic spot to watch the world go by (thanks Lana for the recommendation).

Perfect Picnic Date Planning Cute Food Couple Picnic Basket Romantic

Of course you can make it all from scratch, but for a quick, easy and cheap date, we walked around the outskirts of the supermarket, filling a basket of fresh foods that would be easy to serve and eat (the simpler, the better). My menu for a picnic lunch for two:

  • Deli-items (spinach tart, caramelised onion quiche).
  • Salad and meats or salmon.
  • A couple of tubs of gourmet yoghurt to serve with fruit and muffins.

Other ideas: cheese and crackers; a bottle of wine; chips and dips, lollies or chocolate; ready-made sandwiches.

Perfect Picnic Date Planning Cute Food Couple Picnic Basket Romantic

For dessert we indulged in delicious baked treats paired with Piako’s fruity new flavours.

Perfect Picnic Date Planning Cute Food Couple Picnic Basket Romantic

You can totally picnic in Autumn and Winter too – just dress accordingly and take two picnic blankets: one to sit on, another to wrap around you both.  Pick up coffee en route, or take a thermos of hot chocolate too.

What else to bring
You only need a couple of plates, cups and utensils, really, but we took this totally cute picnic basket which doubled as a carryall and a table!  It’s $129.99 from Briscoes, and we have one to give away!

Depending on where you go, you could take a kite, frisbee, a pack of cards or speakers.  If you’re having a picnic at night, take a portable lamp and some bug spray.  Always take a couple of plastic bags too: one for rubbish, one for dirty dishes.

After lunch
Help your food digest with a light stroll, or lay back and spot cloud shapes.  We went ambling around the rocks, looking in rock pools and soaking up the sun.  I’m wearing Lana grey dress and Max espadrilles.

Perfect Picnic Date Planning Cute Food Couple Picnic Basket Romantic

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