Planning a Wedding in NZ: Cost, Checklists and Step by Step Guides

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Before you Start Planning Your Wedding in New Zealand

Before you actually start planning your wedding, I suggest you take a look at this introductory article, or watch this video introduction, so that we can get to know each other better and get off to the best start.

As the article summarises, I suggest your first wedding planning steps are to:

Build Your Wedding Planning Toolkit

So you’ve got a list of Pinterest Boards as long as your arm, and probably quite a bundle of wedding magazines too, but to actually order all of your ideas into a cohesive, well-organised and easy to follow plan, you’re probably going to need a few wedding planning tools, at least a wedding budget template and guest list template.

Most brides-to-be choose to create or buy a wedding binder or wedding planning book. During my engagement, I couldn’t find one that was perfect for everything I wanted, so I created the little white book wedding planner. It’s since been featured on CNN and voted the best wedding planner book, so I’m fairly confident you’ll love it too, but of course if you’d prefer to DIY, you can create a wedding planner book or binder from scratch too.

For those who prefer everything electronic, there’s the little white planning pack, as well as lots of time management and organisation tools and apps, I use Trello and Asana.

Especially once you get onto meeting with vendors, it’s a good idea to be prepared with the little white planning pack – an electronic resource comprising worksheets and questionnaires to guide you through everything you need to think about and ask, as well as checklists, worksheets, and the budget and guest list templates.

Work Out your Budget, Guest List and Wedding Date

Once you’ve worked out the basics with your fiance in terms of what’s important to you and your priorities, you will have to sit down for some tricky conversations and decisions around your wedding budget, your guest list and a tentative wedding date. Of course, I’ve also got a couple of videos on these two tricky topics. Start with this one on your wedding budget or go to my YouTube channel to view all videos:

You may also find it helpful to consider a few articles on what a wedding in NZ costs – be aware that the “average” cost of a wedding can be misleading, and instead have a look at sample wedding budgets.

How to Choose your Wedding Vendors

I truly believe that those planning a New Zealand wedding are amongst the luckiest in the world. We have such incredible, and quite affordable, access to every picturesque type of venue imaginable, from beach, to lakeside, to mountain-top, and everywhere in between.

I’ve also put together a few articles to inspire your choice of wedding venue in New Zealand:

Exclusively for my subscribers, I also provide a venue selection guide, so make sure to subscribe.

Once you’ve Booked your Wedding Venue

Booking your wedding venue is a great feeling, it’s a huge task and it’s definitely the hardest to choose, and hardest to get right. The good news now, is that you can probably take it easy for a while, depending on whether you’ve chosen a DIY/Dry hire wedding venue, or a full service, all inclusive one.

Keep your wedding budget in mind as you continue, you may like to read How to Allocate Your Wedding Budget Remainder – an article specifically for once you’ve booked your wedding venue.

Now, you can have a look at some of the following articles to keep you on track, and don’t forget to keep planning in your little white book.

These are just a selection of what you’ll find in the wedding planning index, so make sure to head to that too, and if you want to stay updated with regular, useful planning advice, make sure to subscribe.