Best Bridal Hens Party and Bachelorette Party Games

Hens party games are a no-brainer for getting the party started and make the event different from your average night out or weekend away. Here are all the hen party games you need to know about and to have on your to play list at the hen do celebrations.

If you’re short on time, or stressed about getting the very important job of getting hens party games right, NZ company Party Games Box have four unique hens party boxes of Hens Party Games which are delivered to your door for as little as $7 per person. You can customise the box to suit the number of guests and the style and vibe of event you’re going for – whether you want to keep it PG in front of your future Mother-in-law, or totally let loose! 

My favourite party box is called ‘Don’t by Shy, Your Mother Wasn’t!‘  – here are a few of the games featured to get the party started…

Wine Pong!

A relative newbie on the bachelorette party games list is Wine Pong! A cute spin on the popular Uni-student game of beer pong, it can either be a classy party game… or the path to hen party carnage. Either way, it will be a talking point and will ensure the hen party fun gets going. This game is part of ‘Don’t by Shy, Your Mother Wasn’t!‘ 

Sexy Sculpting… “Go Nuts”

All you need for this hilarious hens party game is play-doh, but feel free to add feathers and glitter to add to the competition… Give everyone some play-doh and ask them to mould various body parts (which parts are up to you!), or to create something that represents the bride. You’d be surprised at how fun this is and how creative your ladies are! You can make it as competitive as you like and get votes for the best shapes. This game is part of “Get Ready to Rumble“!

Wild, Yet Styled

For something a little more classy, party games box ‘Wild, Yet Styled‘ includes a few games you might feel more comfortable playing in front of guests you don’t know so well (though you’ll certainly get to know them better by the end of ‘Twerk it!’

Party Games Box ship worldwide from their online only store and also create Baby Shower and Kids Party Games boxes.

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