Oh Snap! Instant Wedding Snapshots with Interlike App

It might seem ironic that someone who appears to share so much of her life on social media, instantly revealing the night’s outfit, occasion or shopping haul, would want an ‘Unplugged wedding’. That is, to ask my guests not to spend their day and night using their camera-phones and uploading my wedding photos to their social media. While there’s plenty of photo-evidence online to justify why not to have friends and family snapping their way through the wedding ceremony, I didn’t want to deprive my friends of selfies and other candid snaps of the night, so I think I’ve come up with an awesome alternative with Interlike App for Weddings!


It’s something I came across at various Wedding Shows throughout the year, and at the Clinique #Faceforward event last week – in fact, it’s taking over media launches and PR events all over town, so of course I want to be an early adopter and have it at my wedding too!

I’m talking about Interlike’s instant selfie camera and printer, one of their awesome wedding-day packages for tech-savvy social-media junkies or more classic “polaroid” lovers alike.


The instant selfie means that my guests don’t spend the night on their own phones, but instead get instant polaroid-style prints made, and I get to keep a copy for the guestbook too!  I’m really excited because I’m actually able to design the polaroid surround in a theme to match the wedding style.

There’s also a live Instagram printer which I considered, but it meant that photos would have to be uploaded to Instagram first, and believe it or not, not everyone I know uses Instagram!

Find them on Facebook and book for your wedding too!

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