The new technology every millennial bride wants at her wedding!

The Future is Here!

Ensure there’s nothing missing from your wedding with this Kiwi technology breakthrough!

Coming from the bride who banned cell-phones from her wedding, you know if I’m recommending technology at a wedding, you know it’s going to be good.

The new technology offered by Auckland entrepreneurs is exactly what every millennial bride wants at her wedding, and there’s good reason.

Weddings are changing…

  • They’re getting smaller, as couples save for their first property, opting not to drop $50k on a wedding;
  • They’re going overseas, as couples seek the holiday experience for all their guests; and
  • They’re being planned longer in advance, to give our overseas friends and family as long as possible to book flights to return for the big day.

However, the changing trends in weddings don’t always sit well with our expectations – a smaller wedding means really tightening the belt on guests; elder relatives can’t always travel overseas; and despite the best intentions, no matter how much notice we give to expat Kiwis, they can’t always afford or arrange to come home.

That was just the frustration of Tessa and Adam, as Tessa’s family spread across Australia and Europe couldn’t attend their Auckland nuptials.

When planning our wedding, we experienced first-hand just how difficult it is when loved ones can’t attend your wedding –  we decided to stream our ceremony so we could still include them.

However, after weeks of researching the best way to stream our wedding, we just couldn’t find a solution that was both affordable and reliable. That’s when we decided to create our own software and hardware solution.

Tessa turned this research into an article to show other brides what options are available, and the pros and cons that come with each.

With Adam’s skills in electronics and software development, and Tessa’s creative influence, they turned their struggle into a solution for other brides-to-be with Watch My Wedding.

If you’ve ever struggled with wedding planning, just imagine also designing a specialised live-streaming service and website at the same time. That’s exactly what they did, enabling guests around the world to be part of the ceremony in real time, and providing a permanent video of the most important parts of the wedding at a fraction of the cost of a videographer.

Now, millennial brides and grooms can’t get enough of the service. With Watch My Wedding, your wedding is broadcast to a unique URL that you can share with as few, or as many friends and family as you like. It’s a private link, so unlike many other live-streaming apps, noone else will be watching your wedding. Streaming packages start from just $550.

It’s incredibly easy to set up (requiring a single button to be pushed to start the stream); no special accounts or profiles to be created or linked to by a third party (by you or your viewers); plus the on-board software has been designed especially to ensure an uninterrupted streaming experience for your viewers.

The stream can be viewed on most smart phones, tablets, and computers – all the person needs is an internet connection. They will view the wedding in their internet browser software – so they won’t have to download any special software, or set up any accounts to watch your big day.

[left]As for the camera itself, it’s unnoticeable – see right.[/left] [right]cameravisibility-1-watch-my-wedding[/right]

You can request a copy of the stream to be sent out to you on USB after the event, and you can also request that a recording of the stream stay live to watch on their website for 7 days.

Whether you want to elope, have a small overseas wedding, or even if you’re having a huge, traditional affair but not everyone can make it, live-streaming your wedding is the best way to have your guests virtually attend. Watch My Wedding would love to help you share your wedding with friends and family –  do a preliminary check to see if your date is available and contact Tessa.

Here’s an example live-stream from a wedding at the gorgeous Chapel by the Lake just outside in Queenstown:

If you’re now thinking about live-streaming your wedding, it’s worth taking a peek at this article by the Watch My Wedding team, which discusses some of the ins and outs of broadcasting your big day.