White Wedding: White Brilliance

I’ve never thought of using a ‘whitening’ product on my skin, but Murad is set to change all that with its launch of ‘White Brilliance’. My skin’s quite fairly pale, so I was intrigued to discover how Murad’s White Brilliance could possibly be suitable for my English-rose complexion.

It turns out that everything I thought I knew about whitening products is far removed from its latest offering, and that rather than focus on lightening the colour of the skin overall, White Brilliance’s lightening effect works solely on pigmentation.

English rose skin aside, 17 years of Kiwi summers means I also my ‘fair’ share of pigmentation.  Murad’s White Brilliance:

  • Helps brighten skin
  • Lightens dark spots
  • Tightens pores
  • Minimises fine lines and wrinkles; and
  • Prevents Future Pigmentation

Murad White Brilliance

At the beautiful Pilkingtons on Shortland Street, beauty editors were treated to try the new range, made up of Four key products to be used together: Cleansing Cream – use with Skin Sonic Vibrating Facial Cleanser, Luminous Essence, Porcelain Serum, and Luminous Shield.

I’m going to be trying the range for myself and report back, but there’s no time to waste in telling you about the product that I’m most excited about:

Luminous Shield caught my attention immediately, because its SPF50.  We are told time and time again that SPF is the best protection against ageing, and I apply SPF moisturiser and make-up religiously in response.  The trouble is, the higher the SPF, the thicker and more goopy the product, usually, and I find myself having to wait for high-SPF products to absorb before applying make-up.  My brand new foundation, while totally beautiful and nourishing, actually doesn’t have any SPF in it, which makes Murad’s Luminous Shield even more valuable.  I’m looking forward to experience the whole collection though.

Murad White Brilliance

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