How I got 150% more likes and comments with one experiment

I’m a lash girl.  Between mascaras, serums and extensions, I am always on the search for the best and boldest lashes.  Great lashes add dimension to your eyes and complete your makeup look.  While I loved the look of my wedding day lashes (extensions), I hated them by the very next day, when I was pulling them out with tweezers (along with my own lashes).  Next, I was trying to grow back my own lashes with serums, and after eight weeks of trialling two serums, I now have one set of eyelashes markedly longer than the other.

There’s only so much even the best mascara can do to solve this issue, so instead I’ve been making up for lost-lashes another way, and my most recent experiment is paying off royally.  Whether you’ve also lost lashes or just want to enhance your own, fake lashes are perfect to enhance your eyes.

I read about Glam’s lash experiment a couple of months ago, while I was applying serum daily to regrow, and when they recently asked me to do my own experiment, I was excited to try them and see the results.  In fact, if you’ve seen me this week and paid me a compliment, I’ve got Glam lashes to thank.

While I’m always up for a bit of lash drama, I didn’t want my false lashes to be obvious, so I opted for Glam’s ‘Elle’ lashes.  They’re natural while still offering an incredibly effective lash-look.

To demonstrate:

glam-lash-experiment-glam-manicare glam-lash-experiment-glam-manicareglam-lash-experiment-glam-manicare

Inspired by Glam’s lash experiment video (see bottom of page) I thought I’d try a lash experiment of my own, posting one pic to instagram with lashes, and one without, to see what the results were!

You can still cast your vote by liking the pictures, but so far the results have been pretty clear – false lashes get more engagement (likes and comments).

I thought it also worth demonstrating the difference before I grew one side of my lashes, so I’ve used an older photo for this comparison.


My false lashes tips and tricks

  • It’s essential to cut the lashes to fit your eye – even if you’re going for a dramatic look, you want them to fit your real eyelashes perfectly.
  • If you have naturally light, straight lashes, add Mascara and curl them first.
  • You can reuse false lashes multiple times if you look after them: don’t coat them in Mascara (no need), apply lash glue sparingly, and take off make-up carefully (I recommend Trilogy make-up be gone balm).
  • A good pair of fishtail tweezers help to correctly apply the lashes.
  • I prefer a full set of lashes rather than individually applying lashes, but you should try both and see what suits.

To celebrate the social experiment, and the power of a great lash, I’m giving away Elle and Adele lashes by Glam by Manicare on my Facebook page this week – don’t miss it!

Glam said:

Using hidden camera’s we challenged two girls to go out and about, one with lashes on and one without. The footage recorded from the social experiment was then run through the latest facial recognition technology to truly find out if wearing lashes get more attention…

[left]glam-manicare-false-lashes-experiment[/left] [right]glam-lash-experiment-glam-manicare[/right]

I wasn’t sure about sharing this photo, but I love this underwear set from Heidi Klum! Angel Kiss Bra, and Bikini Briefs are the only accessories you need with a great set of lashes!