Trisha & Sean’s beautiful Maui Engagement Shoot


Trisha, your engagement shoot is so beautiful, I was just in Maui myself, do you live there?

I used to live on Oahu for a couple years and absolutely love Hawaii. My fiance does a pro windsurfing circuit and comes out to Maui every year for a couple weeks to train and compete (and I get to work enjoy the benefits).


How did you meet your fiance?

Sean and I met Sailing, a love we have each had our entire lives that we can now share together forever. When we met, both Sean and I were officers in the Military, myself in the Navy and Sean in the Coast Guard.

Due to our competitive Sailing background, were chosen to represent the United States at the World Military Championship in Sailing to be held in Doha, Qatar. After a week of training in the US we headed off to the Middle East to compete and began to really get to know each other. It was such an incredible experience to be doing something we love so much, representing our Country, and with someone I knew was “the one”. For the next two years we flew to see each other as much as possible while maintaining a long distance military relationship. Sean and I from different sides of the country, Sean being from San Francisco CA and myself from Long Island NY so we did a bit of traveling to see each other and our families. Sailing has led us to many exciting things in life and now to each other. We are true adventure seekers traveling all over sailing, skiing, surfing, mountain biking, and windsurfing and cant wait for so many more adventures ahead!



I’d love to hear your proposal story!Sean proposed on top of my home Ski Mountain Plattekill, in Upstate NY. The ski area offers chairlift rides during the summer to see the spectacular view from the top! This weekend (July 2nd) they had a big festival at the lodge right at the bottom of the chair lift with a live band, bbq and beers on the deck. My brother and sister in law surprised me as they unexpectedly showed up for the weekend just to see Sean and I before we moved across country (so I thought, later to find out Sean not only asked my Dad for permission but also my brother).

We all rode to the top, and as we walked out to the top of our favorite slope all alone, I gazed out over the beautiful landscape and realised no one was around me. I turned and before I could think Sean dropped to one knee and simply asked will you marry me. I couldn’t even get out any words before I started hysterical crying in tears of joy.

My Dad had brought up a bottle of Champagne and everyone was there to watch. My Mom was the only one they kept the secret from since her and I are so close she might have spilled the beans. I was completely surprised and wouldn’t have wanted it any other way – it was truly perfect. As we rode down the chairlift the band and entire deck of people were cheering for us and congratulating us.

trisha-sean-hawaii-engagement-photos hawaii-engagement-photos-shoot


Do you have any influence over your ring, did he choose?

Sean picked out the ring entirely on his own and that exactly how I wanted it. I am a very active person but told him that I wanted to be able to show our relationship in a ring ;). I also didn’t at any point want any expectations of what I thought I was getting or what I had pictured in my head, I know he has awesome taste and wanted it to be special to him. Needless to say he did awesome I absolutely love it and couldn’t have picked out a better one myself.


Have you begun planning your wedding? What did you plan first? What are your ideas/inspiration so far?

We have picked a date for July 15, 2017 in Annapolis Maryland at the United States Naval Academy. Not only did I graduate from the Academy both Sean and I sailed a National Championship there and it is a beautiful town surrounded by the love of water and sailing, a truly fitting venue for us and our families.

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