Look after yourself

I’m taking a personal day.  Imposed by my little sister (I thought I was the bossy one), I’m staying upstairs in my bedroom, where I can use my wheelchair to get between the bed and the en suite, and not much else.  I had surgery on my ankle a week ago, and I really need to look after myself.
So do you.

Look after yourself
Whether you are planning your wedding, working on a project, or just dealing with whatever life throws are you, it’s so important to slow down sometimes and make sure you’re taking care of number one.
(That’s you).

Look after your body

Ankle surgery wasn’t due to a fault of mine (or anyone else’s), I’m guilty of not always listening to my body (hunger, tiredness, weakness), and it hasn’t done me any favours.

You’ve heard it before, but it’s the only one you’ve got.

Maybe, just sometimes, you could wear sensible shoes… I’ve had to give my right foot a break because it’s been doing twice the work lately, so now I’m living in Allbirds shoes.  They’re made of 100% wool, are washable, super flexible and are incredibly comfortable.

This article from Dr Libby talks about some of the nutrients most of us are missing. I’ve just done my second Warrant of Wellness, considering what my body needs, how I can give that to it, and how I might use Go Healthy supplements to help it along the way.  You could go to your pharmacist and do something similar – they’re trained to do so – whether it’s sleep, stress, weight management or immune defence. Those pills in my hand: Go Beautiful Skin Collagen, Go Cherry Sleep, Go Immune Protect and Go Hormone Harmony.

Look after your skin

As your largest organ, and the protective layer of your body, your skin does a lot, and also takes a lot.  Give it a break from make-up every now and then, let it breathe (what’s the worst that could happen?)  If you can afford to, have a facial – it’s good for your skin’s wellbeing and also your own mental wellbeing.

If you can’t, do an at-home facial.  On my hand is Dermalogica’s Skin Refining Masque which I’m currently wearing on my face.  I’ve been using it for around a year and I’m convinced it leaves my skin brighter and softer.

Whatever you do, up your water intake – I like to have reuse the large glass bottles from  bottled water and refill them at my desk all day.  The Waiheke Water bottles are a huge 1L, so you only have to fill it twice (but go for three times) to make up your daily intake.

Look after others

I write this literally as I am eating a meal brought upstairs to me by my flatmate, prepared last night by my sister and given to me by WOOP, just because they wanted to help me out after seeing that I had surgery last week.  Is that a company you want looking after your dinner, or what?!

For skincare, I usually swear by Dermalogica and Estee Lauder, brands I’ve grown up with and used for years.  That’s not to say I can’t be convinced of someone new, cool (and cruelty-free to boot) so I’m currently trying Tailor skincare – a successful grassroots company based in Wellington made with natural ingredients, environmentally friendly packaging and vegan ingredients.  I like her story, and I do get requests for vegan skincare and make-up too.  I’ll let you know how I get on too – this is Tailor Moisture.

You can also look after others this October by supporting the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation’s Pink Star Walk, Pink Ribbon Collection and other great initiatives, including the Estee Lauder Group’s Breast Cancer Fundraising products – including this La Mer lip balm, turned pink for October.  See also 31 awesome days of October to find out more.

While Allbirds aren’t vegan, no sheep are harmed in the creation of their shoes either (Allbirds’ story is worth a read too.)

Look after your hair

Hawaii was great for the soul, not so good for the strands.  Kerastase’s Nutritive Magistral is next level for severely dry hair, the brand’s highest Nutritive concentration, enriched with nutrients for intense nourishment to reverse hair damage.  My hair has honestly been a downright mess since I first hit the surf, so once a week I’m giving it the ultimate in moisture.  Put on a face and hair masque, paint your nails and watch reality tv for an hour. Bliss.

Look after your sanity

If you’re planning your wedding, don’t let it get stressful.  Talk to people who have done it before (you can talk to me!), make notes in your little white book wedding organiser and if things are overwhelming you, keep it simple.

Oh, and don’t go on a crazy diet.  Please, please eat when you’re hungry.  Eat, snack and eat again, it’s one of my wedding planning regrets – that I let myself go hungry in the last couple of months because I was worried about fitting my dress.  Right now I’m snacking on Special K protein bites, I keep them in a drawer next to my bed to stop Blair eating them all.

Look after your soul

Read a book – it’s very therapeutic, especially if the book is Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo written by the very funny Amy Schumer, who will quickly ensure you forget about all your own worries while you laugh out loud at hers. I read it on our honeymoon and anticipated a light, comedic read, but it’s actually a really interesting insight into her life (and some of the background to her film Trainwreck), and has some very powerful messages woven through it too.  I passed it onto my sister to read, but I’m going to reread it.

Do more of what you love, whether that’s exercise, cooking, baking, watching reality TV if that’s what you love, or spending time with friends.  If all else fails, pour yourself a wine (or book a flight and get poolside at the Fairmont Kea Lani…


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