Parisian Elegance: Le Narcisse Blanc Paris Hotel & Spa

You’d be forgiven for thinking I’d designed it myself (if only I was that talented) because Le Narcisse Blanc truly is what I’d dream of if designing my own abode in the heart of Paris. Alas, she’s not mine, well not for any longer, but this week I was able to call one of Paris’ newest luxury hotel Le Narcisse Blanc my home.

Our stay at Le Narcisse Blanc was our first on the La Rive Gauche (Left Bank) of the Siene River – (this being consequential to Parisians, akin to Auckland’s North Shore).

A stone’s throw to the Esplanade des Invalides and stroll to Champ de Mars and Eiffel tower, this 5 star luxury boutique hotel is a beautiful, exceptionally chic space which gives nod to the culture and artistic history of the Left Bank, and the property’s muse, Cléo de Mérode. Cleo was a ballerina and somewhat of an “It Girl” of her time, though think more Coco Chanel than Kim Kardashian.

While I usually write a city blog and talk about where we stay throughout, we haven’t even left Paris, but I can’t wait to share this beautiful place. If I was being paid to say this, I would be cashing in my chips for another night, but alas, I’ll have to return.

Quintessential luxury and understated chic, the hotel is decorated in bespoke furnishings and soft fabrics in demure pinks, grey and gold, with the namesake white flower “narcissus” conveying the most romantic and feminine Parisian atmosphere. Blair even said it’s been his favourite appearance of a hotel we’ve stayed at. The most surprising find was below us though, a basement spa, gym, pool, jacuzzi and sauna – everything you need to relax after a busy day shopping at Le Bon Marché!

Every city we visit and hotel we stay adds something special to our memories, and those of Le Narcisse Blanc will not be fading fast.

Le Narcisse Blanc