Smoothie Bowls & other great smoothie ideas

You’re loving (or at least, you’re reading) my Junk Free June recipes, so here’s another!

I’m all about smoothies, and Junk Free June is the perfect excuse to have another.  However, this isn’t just your every-day smoothie recipe, either, so read on for some serious Sunday Smoothie inspiration.

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This delicious creation is a Protein-Packed Clean Paleo Smoothie Bowl!

First up: Take 2 Heaped TB of Light Chocolate Protein Powder and Blend with 1/2 C water or almond milk in the NutriBullet.

NutriBullet Clean-Paleo-Smoothie

Second: Add 1/2 C to 1C of frozen fruit, I love mixed berries, and usually have frozen bananas on hand too.

NutriBullet Clean-Paleo-Smoothie

Third: Pour the Smoothie into a bowl and top with Cacao Berry muesli blend.
Fourth (optional): Put the Smoothie Bowl in the freezer for half an hour to create an amazing ice-cream like consistency!


But that’s not all.  If I haven’t mentioned before, I love ice-cream, but I’m trying to cut back on it for Junk Free June.  Instead, I’m blending frozen fruit and the Clean Paleo protein powders to my heart’s content, which creates a delicious, healthy alternative.  One last tip, though, is to actually make twice the volume of Smoothie or Smoothie-bowl required, and freeze the rest into cubes.  Then, it’s perfectly ready for whenever you feel like a frozen treat.  Sometimes, I even blend ready-made smoothies, which do the same job.  Then, I turn these into “Ice Cream” or add the frozen cubes to smoothies instead of ice.

NutriBullet Clean-Paleo-Smoothie

Yum, how are you enjoying Junk Free June?
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