Activated Almond & Chocolate “No-Grainola” for Junk Free June

If you’ve embarking on Junk Free June and you’re missing your chocolate fix already, I’ve got the perfect paleo recipe to get you through.  Inspired by Clean Paleo’s Berry Cacao (and also Pure Delish’s “No-Grainola” I’ve created my own.  Honestly, it’s not quite as moreish as the Berry Cacao or the No Grainola but it has no Chocolate and No Sugar added either.  The Smoothie Bowl featuring Clean Paleo’s protein powder Smoothie topped with Berry Cacao would go perfectly with this home-made scroggin.


You’ll need a NutriBullet (or similar blender), Ovenproof Tray and Oven preheated to 75 degrees Celsius.

Beautiful Rose Tinted Flowers bouquet.

500 Gm Almonds (soaked 3-4 hours)
1/2 C Cocoa
1/2 C Organic Rice Syrup (or honey)
1/2 C Coconut Flakes
1/2 CPapaya (or dates/other fruit)
1/2 CCacao Nibs
1-3 T Cinnamon & Nutmeg to taste


1. I soak my almonds overnight to soften them as much as possible before activation, though only 3-4 hours are necessary to soften. Drain thoroughly.
2. If you want whole almonds in your Chocolate No-Grainola, set some aside and put straight into the ovenproof tray.
3. Add Rice-Malt Syrup, Honey, Cocoa, Cinnamon and Nutmeg to the oven tray and mix with the whole almonds.  Quantities are really up to you, I suggest mine are the minimum.
4. In 1/2 C batches of almonds, I blend to different consistencies, adding a few cubes of papaya with each batch.
3. Add each batch of blended almonds to the oven proof tray, stirring to mix all together.
4. Press ingredients into the oven tray (this helps to create biscuit-like clumps).
5. Pop in the preheated oven for 4-5 hours (stirring every hour or so to check on them).

FYI: Benefits of Activated Almonds – According to Lisa Yates, nutritionist with Nuts for Life “Activation is like sprouting of grains (wheat or barley grass) or sprouting of seeds (mung bean sprouts or alfalfa sprouts).  It converts some of the starch to simpler sugars, converts some of the protein as the emerging seed is breaking these down for fuel for its new growth.” Wilder & Hunt also sell Activated Nuts and Seeds, to save you time.


Yum, how are you enjoying Junk Free June?
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