How to Plan a Wedding that’s Totally “You”

How to Plan a Wedding that Suits you Perfectly

Whether you’re still searching for a venue, or you’ve just secured a venue and a date and you’re wondering where to go and what to plan from here – I suggest you start thinking about the way you’re going to plan a wedding that’s totally “you”!

What does that mean exactly? I mean, when you’re standing at the altar, or sitting at your wedding reception dinner, and look around, you can feel like the day reflects your personalities, tastes and style.

Setting a theme, or concept, early, means you can tie that into your stationery, possibly your attire, and can save you from throwing good money after bad towards things you like along the way, but which don’t ultimately tie into your big day. It’s the overall vibe you’re creating,

Get a grip on the big picture

Okay, hands up girls, who already had a Pinterest page dedicated to their wedding before they got engaged..? I know I did! However, you can’t have every colour, every style, ever flower, or every piece of décor you like, you want some ?

As you close your eyes and think about your big day, or refine your Pinterest board to the best of the best, you might see your wedding coming together in a way you hadn’t envisaged – maybe it has a smaller guest list than you initially thought, with close friends or relatives, or a destination wedding, or it’s in a barn, which might not go with your all out glam style and dress code.

One of the pages to the little white planning pack has a list of hundreds of words, and as you look through it, you can refine your wedding’s theme and style quickly – following your gut instinct, cross off terms you disagree with and circle terms that you have a connection or positive reaction to.

Do it quickly – don’t stress about whether a colour will fit with bridesmaids complexions or if it’s practical, and then look through the terms and see if you can find common elements. At the end of this exercise you will have a set of descriptive terms and ideas that will help you form the basis of your wedding’s style.

Modern, vintage, classic, romantic, summer, winter, rustic, casual, glamorous, destination, outdoor… You get the idea.


You can do something similar by going through wedding magazines or blogs, too – and refine it from there, and of course use them to gather your inspiration. I suggest also looking at wedding photographers’ websites at the same time, because then you can see real weddings, rather than seeing only a lot of styled shoots which are on Pinterest, in magazines and blogs.

Which brings me to an important message – a styled shoot is a wedding industry way of advertising, so it demonstrates what a group of amazingly talented wedding vendors can put together, but of course there’s no budget constraints to be concerned about. Its purpose is the photoshoot itself, so often they are very extravagant.

Get pinning, scrapbooking, maybe even put some photos on a wall, create a mood board to identify common elements and visualize how various things will look together.

Consider formality

However casual, glam or fancy a dress code and formality you choose to be will be a strong part of your theme – consider any potential venue, and possibly the season, before deciding on your style, for instance a beach wedding may not suit a black-tie formality.

How will you and your partner feel comfortable – barefoot and boho, or bedazzled and ballroom.


The more you can refine all these ideas into specifics, before you book a lot of your vendors, the better organized you’ll be.

Try to reduce it down to a few key ideas and colours, and if you can’t make decisions this early on, just be conscious not to start spending money or make decisions that you might later want to change.

Of course, your “theme” doesn’t have to be all encompassing – it may just influence your choices of venue and other vendors along the way.

Just keep it in mind, especially if you’re currently looking at wedding venues, if you’re on a small wedding budget, or if you’re in a rush to make decisions. You might be able to save a huge amount by choosing a wedding venue that already suits your theme and feels totally you, without a lot of expensive décor.

I hope this helped you think about your wedding style and think about the overall vibe. Now, see the wedding planning index and check out the little white book for more wedding planning advice.