How to plan a romantic surprise for your partner!

You know that feeling when you get home from seeing a movie/reading a book/bingeing a Netflix special that was just so good you can’t wait to tell everyone you know… That’s me right now.

My feet had barely touched the ground (literally!) and already I was uploading photos to my laptop and talking non-stop to my flatmates and friends (and anyone else who’d listen) about our date today!

Shortly after our wedding, we made the commitment to have a weekly date night. Not a novel suggestion, but I think that the importance of one-on-one time often falls by the wayside when competing interests arise, and I don’t want to let that happen. On Monday I pulled off a masterstroke surprise for Blair (IMHO), an afternoon planned to perfection.


Details below, but first:

How to plan a romantic surprise for your partner!

Whether you’ve been together for two months or twenty years, there’s never a bad time to turn the everyday into a day to never forget. It can be as simple as a candlelit dinner, or extravagant as a helicopter trip to Waiheke Island for lunch.

The element of surprise – essential to any romantic ‘surprise’ is that he doesn’t see it coming. I caught Blair off-guard by telling him that we were having lunch with friends in Onehunga, though he may have got a whiff of the surprise when I suggested he wear his new (but fairly casual) Zara shirt…

To ensure he shows up on time and doesn’t schedule any other plans, you’ll have to tell him something – a little white lie – and I thought one that involved other people would ensure that we were on time. Set up a fake event – a movie night with friends, or even a surprise party for someone else. Don’t involve too many people in your plan if you don’t really need to, though – and only give him enough notice as really necessary.

I didn’t even tell our friends that Blair and I were “planning to meet them”. So, when our drive to “lunch with friends” took a turn into an industrial zone, a confused Blair wondering why we were turning into a ‘heliport-only’ road – even when I told him ‘we’re going in a helicopter’ he didn’t believe me, beginning to back out of the carpark!

Plan something special

It doesn’t have to be fancy – Blair surprised me two years ago on Valentine’s Day with Stand up Paddleboarding. He knew I’d wanted to do it for a while, so it was really special when he surprised me with it. Earlier this year, I organised a night away in a hotel for us – as we have flatmates, any time we have alone is special. P.S. Use my link to save $40 on your next hotel accommodation.

The romantic surprise I planned for my husband!

Usually our “date nights” are dinner and a movie… but Blair had missed out on taking a helicopter trip on our honeymoon in Hawaii, which he’s wanted to do for around 15 years! I couldn’t wait to take the opportunity to surprise him with one.

Before our flight, we each had a private lesson in the helicopter flight simulator. Blair (being an airline pilot) was significantly better than I was (and now he wants to fly a helicopter too), but I surprised myself by how much I actually enjoyed the sensation of ‘flying’ the aircraft myself, which has never been a desire of mine, personally.


Simulator aced (by at least one of us) we were in the real thing, floating across Auckland harbour taking in breathtaking views to Rangitoto, Waiheke Island and beyond. We landed by a beautiful little chapel by Man O’War vineyards over on the eastern end of Waiheke Island, in New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf. I’d never been over to the eastern side of Waiheke Island before as it’s quite a drive across from the Matiatia Wharf ferry by Oneroa.



We enjoyed a wine tasting to start, before selecting our wines and two platters to share.

our-date-nite-surprise-your-partner-romantic_3888 our-date-nite-surprise-your-partner-romantic_3889

It was absolute perfection, delicious food and wine and views across the water from the only beach-front cellar door location on Waiheke Island.

our-date-nite-surprise-your-partner-romantic_3899 our-date-nite-surprise-your-partner-romantic_3910 our-date-nite-surprise-your-partner-romantic_3915

It goes without saying that we didn’t want to leave this magnificent setting.

our-date-nite-surprise-your-partner-romantic_3926 our-date-nite-surprise-your-partner-romantic_3949 our-date-nite-surprise-your-partner-romantic_3954

Whether this has inspired you to head to Waiheke for the day, or simply plan a romantic home-cooked meal, I hope you’ll include more date nights in your life too!

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