“How to get into Wedding Shape in 10 days”

Late last night (or, rather late this morning) suffering insomnia and browsing Facebook – I know, the worst thing to do when you can’t sleep… I came across an article by W magazine (shared by BRIDES) – “How to get into Head to Toe Wedding Shape in just 10 Days“.

Stunned, I stopped scrolling and clicked through, hoping what I was reading was just click-bait. Nope. As I digested what I was reading (perhaps the only thing these poor brides-to-be are allowed to digest), I couldn’t help but feel sad for women who were actually considering following this advice.

I shared it on Facebook at 4am with my own musings.

A. There’s no such thing as ‘Wedding Shape’
B. 10 days. Right. I’m no personal trainer but I’m sure mine would say SFA is going to happen in 10 days… right Lloyd Jones Fitness!?
C. She’s not even the bride.
D. I’ll have her dessert!

I had a session booked with my own PT at 11 this morning, so after a few hours sleep and two coffees, I tried to distract him from making me exercise asked for his thoughts.

Here’s what he had to say on the issue:

Lloyd: You’re so right. In terms of actual muscle growth and fat loss, you just can’t a lot to happen in 10 days. 

I’m so damn against any weight loss or toning intervention that lasts 10 days. Or even anything that lasts less than 8 weeks! It’s just not a realistic timeframe for change, you’re setting yourself up to fail and for disappointment.

Megan: For me, it’s not just that you’re not going to see a body-transforming miracle, it’s that you’re potentially ruining those 10 days! W says “every woman wants to look her best”, yet I question whether anyone’s actually going to look their best after 10 days of gruelling “You won’t be able to walk tomorrow” physical exercise (“I’ve had people throw up before,” said Cheuk of his conditioning day) coupled with a “zero cheat” and “ultra clean” diet.

I worry the quick-fix mentality could lead to unhealthy dietary restriction, hunger, lack of energy and feeling defeated by the end of it, too.

To be fair to W magazine, the article concludes that 10 days really isn’t enough…

I knew my hard-earned strength would probably dissipate with each glass of champagne consumed at the wedding. But hey, that’s what second marriages are for, right? And next time, Stephen, I promise I’ll give you more than 10 days.

(So it was clickbait after all..?)

And if we’re being completely fair – you will feel great after 10 days of sensibly working out and eating nutritious, healthy food, but those 10 days prior to your wedding aren’t the best 10 days in your life to be spending at the gym or avoiding Champagne, IMHO.

Lloyd: Yes, you can also feel better after spending quality time with the people you care about leading up to your wedding. The sheer amount of stress and effort you would need to put your body and your mind through to see ANY results AT ALL is insane. And I don’t know too much about weddings – but 10 days before such a huge event like doesn’t seem like the ideal time to be adding a huge amount of physical and mental stress to your life. And for what? It’s likely that any tiny miniscule changes that you could possibly see after just 10 days are things that ONLY YOU can notice and even then you’re not 100% sure if it’s real or you’re just making it up.

Setting up these expectations about body-fat percentage and how much weight you can lose in 10 days just doesn’t make any sense and might just do more harm than good. 

When those expectations turn into stress instead of motivation, and turn into beating yourself up over not doing everything ‘perfect’ instead of actually being proud of the things you did do – however small it was.

But we all want instant results….

Lloyd: Ask most people how they would feel about completely transforming themselves after just 10 days and 99% of people would be busting to get started!

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do any exercise or switch up your nutrition leading up to your wedding if that’s what you want to do. But 10 days is not a lot of time – it’s not even enough time to PUT ON a tonne of weight let alone LOSE IT (which as we all know is infinitely harder and doesn’t involve any chocolate which makes it much less fun).

So what’s a good time frame to aim for to get in better shape before your wedding?

Most of my clients see big noticeable results that they’re super happy with in about 8 weeks time, so that’s probably a good ‘minimum time frame’ to aim for. But to be fair – a truly shocking and ridiculous transformation can take anywhere from 4-12 months.

I recommend brides put themselves in the best position for success and to achieve their  “ultimate” body.

  1. Get personalised, expert advice and guidance

There’s 10 billion articles and videos online with 10 billion different messages. You definitely could trial-and-error your way through and eventually stumble on the thing that works for you…

But the easiest and quickest way is to skip all that is to have someone who knows their shit to tell you what will work for you personally right at this moment. Because believe it or not – there really is no ‘one size fits all’ workout programme or diet that will work for every single person (shocking, I know).

That’s my job, and I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is, guaranteeing to get my clients toned in 8 weeks (not 10 days) or I’ll double their money back.

  1. Get really damn serious about patience and consistency

This one is hard. Even harder than any workout you’ll do. There WILL be times where you slip up on your diet, feel like you’ve ruinied everything and will want to just throw in the towel and give up. There WILL be times where you realise you haven’t worked out for a whole week because you’ve been putting it off and keep telling yourself you’ll ‘do it tomorrow’. But the true ‘secret’ to success that you never hear about in all those trillion articles is consistency. Celebrating your wins and never beating yourself up about the things you don’t do perfectly.

People don’t usually fail at achieving their fitness/body goals because their workout routine and diet was BAD (that does happen sometimes). Most of the time it’s because a birthday rolls around and they end up eating 2 slices of cake and drinking 3 glasses of wine. And instead of just saying ‘oh well’ and trucking along the next day – that one bad night turns into a bad week which turns into a bad month. All because of an ‘all or nothing’ mindset where if the diet and the workouts aren’t perfect then there’s no point.

You may not always WANT to be consistent though, which is why it can be really helpful to have someone keep you accountable. When that time comes for you and you need someone to keep you on-track and consistent, I’ll be here.

(Preferably with 10 weeks, not 10 days).

Well said, and thank you to Lloyd for keeping me on track (you can also follow him here). If you’re a bride-to-be, check out some of my fav #wedshred workout wear below too!

Time to get back into it @lloydjonesfitness 💪🏼

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