How to choose your Wedding Day Fragrance

It won’t be photographed, and no one will see it, so why is it so important?

For your wedding day, you not only want to look beautiful, but obviously smell divine too! Picking a fragrance for your wedding is the beginning of a scent story that will forever invoke feelings and memories of that day.  We all have certain memory triggers linked to smell – vivid recollections of your Grandparents’ house perhaps, playing in wet grass as a child, even the smell of an ex-partner’s cologne brings to mind experiences and feelings.


Scientifically, the olfactory nerve is close to the brain area which is connected to emotion and memory.  If you use a particular perfume only on special occasions for instance the perfume you use on your wedding day is the perfume you will use on your anniversary and other special moments, will have a huge impact on your memory. The smell of what you choose to wear on your wedding day will forever be a reminder of the special moments.

Old or New?
Most brides will ask themselves whether wear a new perfume specially selected for that day or use your favorite perfume?  You might choose to wear the perfume you have always used, perhaps because your fiance fell in love with you while you wore that same fragrance.  However, most brides like to select a completely new and special kind of fragrance for the wedding day, and create a new fragrance memory.  If you do opt to wear your favourite fragrance, keep in mind that it’s often photographed in the pre-wedding shots, and you may want to have a new bottle for that reason.

Give it some thought and make sure to choose something you’ll be happy to treasure the memory of forever.

So how do you choose?
There are many different varieties of fragrances or perfumes, so finding one that is suited to you personally is very important. Do you love fruity, floral and feminine fragrance or prefer warm, sultry, spicy scents? Understanding your type is essential in helping you choose the best fragrance for your wedding.

There’s a few things to take into consideration: –
– If you’re a Spring or Summer bride you’ll be more likely to choose something floral or citrusy, while Winter better suits orientals, woods and spices.
– You still want to feel like yourself, so don’t force the new ‘It’ Fragrance if it doesn’t feel right.
– While it’s nice to surprise your partner on the day with some things (the dress, for instance), you actually don’t want to surprise him with a fragrance he inexplicably dislikes, so you may wish to involve him in your decision.
– Fragrances develop over the course of a day with the warmth of your skin.

Most importantly, then, you need to wear it.  Try it on, wear it in – that’s what the testers are for, so take advantage of them.  I suggest you pop into your local department store and try these beautiful floral, fresh and feminine perfumes which would be perfect for a wedding.

Lancôme la vie est Belle Floral
A new interpretation of the Eau de Toilette. A new flower in the bouquet of fine delicacies; the Osmanthus, the delicate flower of wisdom associated to the Mimosa, the Freesia & our iconic Iris. The iconic ribbon is adorned with a delicate white flower that pays tribute to the bouquet of finest delicacies.


YSL Black Opium Nuit
The new white coffee floral from Black Opium. Dazzling. Pure. Transparent. Sparkling. Incandescent. The unique association of black coffee and white notes of blooming flowers, aldehydes and musks.


Shiseido – Everbloom
Shiseido has imagined a new floral expression with both modesty and an immense power to reveal the beauty of a woman. Its luminous floral musky accords present a new combination of sensual freshness and modesty. A halo of fragrance, Shiseido Ever Bloom makes its entrance.


Pour Homme
While I opted for a brand new scent for our wedding, Blair took the tried and tested for his selection, and wore Armani Code.  Though he’s worn others throughout the years, it is the cologne he wore when we first met, 10 years ago, and it certainly evokes memories for me.

He’s currently wearing Armani’s newest incarnation of Code,
Giorgio Armani Code Profumo
Armani Code Profumo by Giorgio Armani encompasses the masculine and sensual intensity of Armani Code, built around the addictive tonka bean note. With a warm and glowing amber accord, Code Profumo introduces a new opulence to the contemporary classic. Its notes of tonka bean, cardamom and woody amber are addictive, explosive and rich.
It’s a nod to the classic Code, with a spicy, woody note – I approve. On counter 22 August 2016.

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