Surviving Fashion Week – NZFW 2016

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Last year I wrote ‘Why Fashion Week is Like a Wedding‘ so this year, rather than just tell you what NZFW is like, I’ll tell you how I survive it.  Does it sound like I’m overdramatising it? What could be so stressful about Fashion Week?

  • Getting seriously hangry.  Last year, I barely ate anything other than what was in the goodie bags, because I was so badly organised, and didn’t want to miss anything while foraging for snacks.  I know, I know, how very modelesque of me – but being hangry is not conducive to anything good, and I’m not a model so I don’t need to act like one.
  • Navigating your way between shows which are half an hour apart, the first ran overtime, and you can’t get an uber.
  • Long days and longer nights (and it’s not uncommon for long nights to turn into early mornings)
  • Looking the part.  It might surprise you (ha) but designers are not clamouring over themselves to dress me for Fashion Week, like they do Margaret Zhang (#goals). That means organising a minimum of 5-10 outfits (day shows and night shows!) along with at least an equal number of shoes (do you know me?)
  • Your phone/camera/laptop battery running down between Federation and Stolen Girlfriends Club.  Go straight to the media room, do not pass Go.

Food, food, food!

I’ve learned from my mistakes – aka last year’s extreme hanger – and this year I’m getting organised way in advance.  The worst thing wasn’t even just being hungry during the day, but getting home and having nothing to eat, and no inclination to cook.  When Blair’s away I often order fresh or frozen meals to heat up, and this week I had a Woop box which turns out to be the exact thing I need for this coming Fashion Week.  Blair doesn’t like to cook, but Woop meals are almost completely pre-prepared (i.e. all sauces, quantities and garnishes ready to go) so you are just responsible for warming the prepared food and cooking the meat.

Last week’s standouts were Mexican Pulled Pork tacos which were so good I couldn’t believe I’d *made* (okay, assembled) them, and a coconut broth chicken curry.  Both took only around 10 minutes.  This week, Woop meals are ready to go for either Blair to cook before I get home, or me to whip up after the last show.

I’ll also be taking tupperwares of leftovers to my office (just 5 minutes away from Vector) to have something on hand if I manage to squeeze a break.

For everything else, I’ll be heading right across the street to Miss Clawdy, naturally!  I’m going to take over Miss Clawdy instagram for the week too, so don’t be surprised if you see me ‘popping in’ for their infamous crack-corn.


It’s a FULL. ON. SCHEDULE.  Even when there’s a long break between shows, there’s somewhere to be and something to do.  Case in point: tomorrow’s Harman Grubisa show doesn’t start til 8:30pm but before that I’ll be backstage with the ever so brilliant Kiekie Stanners and the MAC team, so everything single hour is accounted for in my diary (little white book, obviously).

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Shoes shoes shoes!

I won’t survive a day running in heels between shows, and when you can’t rely on Uber, you can rely on having a pair of ballet flats or sandals in your bag/car/under your desk.  I already have 29 pairs of shoes at my desk (really) so I’m probably well catered for, but I also don’t like to miss an opportunity to have more, so I’ll be wearing a few new pairs this Fashion Week.  I’ve actually just ordered some new ones from one of my fav UK Co’s Dune who are opening in Auckland soon (of course, you’ll have to wait and see to find out what I wear!)

Of course, shoes aren’t the only accessory I’ll be taking to NZFW – this scarf from Precious & Primitive is with me (in whichever one of my many bags) ready to change up an outfit, cover my hair from the wind, or just wrap around my neck.


Not only do you need your USB cable, you’d be wise to invest in a battery charger because social media (esp Snapchat) drains your battery SO fast.

A jam-packed make-up bag!

Spoiler alert… I’m going backstage with MAC artist Kiekie Stanners again this year (one of my favourite parts of last year), so I’m going to want to ensure my make-up is up for the occasion too.

Perfect Skin: Daywear make-up that looks like you just rolled out of bed (albeit perfectly) – Bobbi Brown’s retouching face pencils. Under eye shadow be gone.
Mascara: MAC’s new Instacurl is legit.
Lipstick: Loving Clinique Matte Pop lippies for neutral/pink daywear, and an incredible range of Shiseido Rouge reds for night.  Murad’s Rapid Collagen Infusion for Lips, strangely enough is a rapid lip booster which made its way into my handbag just in time for NZFW.
Brows: Constantly adding to my brows with Benefit Brows (they’re the new winged eyeliner – i.e. mine just get bigger and bigger as the night progresses).my fashion week handbag NZFW New Zealand Fashion Week

Let me know if you think I’ve missed something, and if you see me at NZFW this week, don’t be a stranger!

Head to the wedding planning page for an index of our content and if you haven’t already, check out the little white book wedding organiser and diary.

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