A honeymoon registry to kick-start your adventure as newlyweds

With many couples now getting married later in life, and having lived together for a number of years, many couples would rather kick-start their adventure as newlyweds with a honeymoon registry than ask for traditional household niceties. Lots of couples now ask for money via a wedding wishing well (cash) or a deposit into a designated account, but some families and older generations prefer to contribute towards something specific, and a honeymoon fund is a great way of letting them do so.


The cash dilemma – asking for money for your wedding gift

If you don’t want to ask your wedding guests for traditional wedding gifts, you might choose to ask for money via a wishing well or giving out your bank account (yes, it’s totally okay to ask for cash for your wedding gift!). However, the idea of giving your bank account out can feel a bit awkward.

A honeymoon registry is your own personalised online registry that lets you pick anything from flights to skydiving to cocktails on the beach and ask for contributions towards them.

Joyable is the first New Zealand wedding wishing well which is legally able to collect and hold money to then contribute to your honeymoon fund, and it could be the perfect in-between of asking for cash, and selecting specific goods to add to your wedding registry. You can list on your Joyable fund what your wedding guests will be contributing to or just leave a nice note to thank your friends and families for helping you along the way.

Guests can contribute as much or as little as they like towards any items, you will have the money transferred to your account after the wedding, and your guests still feel like they’re giving you a specific gift. Who wouldn’t rather help you get to the Samoa than just get some cash out of an ATM?

After the wedding, it’s also easy to download a list of who has contributed what so you can send them thank you’s and even photos of you using their gift – much nicer than a simple note thanking them for cash!


Is it just for honeymoons?
Nope! Even if you don’t want money for your honeymoon, you can ask for contributions towards anything from a lounge suite to dinner out as newlyweds to a home deposit. The sky’s the limit – you can just pick what’s important to you.

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