A honeymoon registry to kick-start your adventure as newlyweds

You know we have just got back from our honeymoon, but did you also know we had to wait for six months after our wedding to take it (because… wedding budget!).  While I wouldn’t change a thing, it would have been lovely to take the traditional honeymoon route and get Hawaii happy the week after the wedding, instead of six months later.

With couples now getting married later in life, and having lived together for a number of years, often they’ve got all the house-hold niceties that once dominated wedding registries.  Many couples now ask for cold, hard cash, but some families and older generations prefer to contribute towards something specific.

I’ve since read up on Honeypot Registry and why it’s the perfect in-between of asking for cash, and selecting specific goods to add to your registry.  For our honeymoon, for example, we could have added to our honeypot registry:

Flights to Honolulu;
Accommodation at Four Seasons Resort Hualalai;
Cocktails by the pool;
Surfing lessons;
A special dinner on our last night; and even
A copy of I still do wedding anniversary journal to reflect on your wedding while on your honeymoon!


From there, our guests could choose what to contribute to, adding the personal touch to the wedding gift.  Those are my ideas, anyway, but Honeypot Registry have also put together some information on honeymoon registries, so that you can make a decision that suits you.

So you’re getting married!
Getting engaged is so exciting! You’re possibly also feeling a bit like ‘a deer in the headlights’, caught between thousands of options, and inundated with wedding advice (everyone’s an expert!).

One thing that might feel like too much work right now is your gift registry. Spending hours perusing stores to pick out items that you can’t really fit (/don’t need) at home may not be that appealing, especially when there are things you would much rather have people spend their money on…

The cash dilemma
If you don’t want to ask your wedding guests for physical products, many couples ask for money via a wishing well or through a bank account. However, many of us have an older relative or more traditional families who don’t feel comfortable giving cash, and lots of us feel a bit awkward with the idea of it anyway.  THAT’S where a honeymoon registry comes in!

So what’s a honeymoon registry?
When you don’t want “things” and you don’t want to ask for cash, a honeymoon registry might just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

A honeymoon registry is your own personalised online registry that lets you pick anything from flights to skydiving to cocktails on the beach and ask for contributions towards them.

How does it work?
Simple – you visit a honeymoon registry website like Honeypot Registry, set up your own registry, enter all the details and nominate your honeypot items.

Guests can contribute as much or as little as they like towards any items, you will have the money transferred to your account, and your guests still feel like they’re giving you a specific gift. Who wouldn’t rather help you get to Fiji than just get some cash out of an ATM?

After the wedding, it’s easy to download a list of who has contributed what so you can send them thank you’s and even photos of you using their gift – much nicer than a simple note thanking them for cash!


Is it just for honeymoons?
Nope! Even if you don’t want money for your honeymoon, you can ask for contributions towards anything from a lounge suite to dinner out as newlyweds to a home deposit. The sky’s the limit – you can just pick what’s important to you.

They’ve been popular overseas for years, but we wanted to bring New Zealand its very own dedicated honeymoon registry. We’d love to show you more – visit www.honeypotregistry.co.nz and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

P.S. Your honeymoon is the perfect time to start I still do! Cheers to that!


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