Good Food and Bad Neighbours

This week’s date night was easy as A,B,C, (American food, Bad Neighbours and Cornwall Park) and I recommend it for yours this weekend.   Blair returned home from San Francisco early in the morning, so instead of welcoming him home with Kiwi kai and Shortland Street, I helped him acclimatise by instead taking him out for American food and an American movie.

Call me a nana all you like, but in the weekends I often opt for a long, slow lunch rather than dinner, so that I can still have an early night and catch-up on sleep.  I’ve long been a fan of Miss Clawdy’s, heading there on the first date of the Newlywed Dating segment, and coining the name “crack-corn” for its (surely famous/infamous by now) salty and sweet popcorn.  Clawdy’s now takes lunch-bookings – hallelujah – so I now wander straight down to Wynyard Quarter from my building in the city, knowing that both chair and crack-corn await.

What can I say, the food was awesome as per.  I almost lost a hand battling Blair for the crack-corn, followed by garden salad with caramelised pecans balancing out chunky chips and tender pull-apart pork belly with edamame and olive salad.  Sitting in the sun in the sleepy Saturday Wynyard Quarter, it would be easy to stay all afternoon for cocktails and the to-die-for cookie and ice-cream dessert.

However, I’m trying to be healthier, so we changed pace for a walk in the park – Cornwall park to be exact.  Cornwall Park is a beautiful spot for a walk or a run, a hike to the top of One Tree Hill or even a wedding (I see a bride every time I go!), so we walked off our lunch among the cows, sheep and Saturday strollers.  It’s just about too cool to wear just a crop, but I love this hot pink Berlei seamfree, and getting cool is just the encouragement to work up a sweat!

Finally, to the flicks, for the hotly anticipated return of Bad Neighbours (and the even more hotly anticipated return of Zac Efron).  Strangely, I recently faced my own (mini) battle with the neighbours who have accused my bougainvillea of encroaching on their driveway… but that’s besides the point.

Neighbors 2

Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising is of course the sequel to Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne’s hilarious film (new parents face-off against their new neighbours, a frat-boys’ house lead by Efron).  I’m kind of already obsessed with Chloe Grace Moretz (and did I mention Zac Efron..?) so I knew I would like this, but I’m actually going to go all out and say the sequel is better than the original!  Not usually the case, I know, but despite the same premise and storyline (sorority girls Kappa Nu move in next door…), the jokes were fresh and funny and I still loved the familiar students vs parents war/party/girls-behaving badly comedy.  There’s a couple of slow bits, and a couple of badly-scripted others, but they were more than made up for by the laugh-out-loud/scream-with-laughter bits.  It was strange to see Efron’s character grow up, and lose some of his own sense of rowdy, but I liked him joining forces with Rogen.  The best thing about the film: Zac Efron shirtless; worst thing: Zac Efron putting his shirt on – just totally unnecessary.  It’s in cinemas from tomorrow (Thursday March 12th)!

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