Five Reasons Why the Hottest Hen Parties take Place at Sky City Casino Auckland

Sky City Casino in Auckland, New Zealand, is a huge land casino, offering everyone’s favourite games and a few unique ones thrown in for good measure. There are multiple versions of slots games, each offering a unique theme and with various potential jackpots to be won. Table games range from games of luck and chance such as roulette and snake eyes to games like poker that require a little more skill to win. The Premier Rewards scheme opens even more possibilities, with money off food and drink, special bonuses and access to exclusive competitions and prize draws for members.

Planning a Hen Party

Planning a hen party can be a daunting experience. It often involves bringing together a disparate group of people, some of whom may have never met each other before the day, and keeping them all entertained for the duration, which could be anything from a single evening to an entire week. A casino offers the ideal mixture of excitement and entertainment while giving all the hens an experience that they will most likely not have very often. Gambling online has become a highly popular pastime among women as well as men in recent years but, as Harrison Newton states, even the best online casinos in New Zealand cannot quite offer the same experience as visiting the real thing with a large group of women determined to have the time of their lives. Sky City Casino in Auckland has plenty to keep even the most divergent group of hens entertained all day, long into the night and for several more days after that.

Casino Games

The main attraction of any casino is of course the games. Gambling provides a thrill like no other – whether for high stakes or a few dollars, there is nothing that can quite compare to the anticipation of knowing that winning or losing all depends on the lay of the cards, the roll of the dice or the spin of the wheel. Even the least experienced gambler can soon figure out how to participate in games such as roulette, which can be as simple as choosing between red and black, or try their luck taking a spin on one of the many slot machines. Sky City Casino offers all the classic favourites, including blackjack, baccarat, poker and snake eyes, plus over 2,000 themed slots machines.

East Day Spa

The Sky City Grand complex includes the East Day Spa – the perfect venue for all the hens to indulge in some pampering and enjoy some luxury treatments during the day before painting the town red at night. This haven of tranquillity provides the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of the busy casino environment. Here, the hens can wind down from bright lights and loud noise with subtle flickering candlelight and gentle, quiet relaxation.


Sky City is famous for its array of top-quality restaurants offering dining experiences to suit every palate. Factoring in food is an essential component of ensuring a hen party, which will likely involve alcohol in quantity at some point, remains a memorable event for all. The choices are virtually limitless – traditional Japanese robata at Masu, a New-York-style steakhouse, delicious cakes and pastries at the Federal Delicatessen or 360-degree views of the city while you eat – Sky City caters for all tastes and palates.


No traditional hen party would be complete without a cocktail or two and Sky City has plenty of venues to choose from, with extensive cocktail menus at many of the venues on Federal Street featuring both classic combinations and unique modern variations. Huami Bar makes an excellent starting point for the evening, offering an impressive list of cocktails in a 1920s Shanghai-themed venue. 


The Sky City theatre hosts regular film festivals, music showcases and other exciting productions, right next door to the casino. Ideal for taking a break from gambling or for planning a whole evening, with pre- and post-show drinks and dinner packages available to make a whole night of it. 

Hen parties looking to stay for more than the evening could also book into the Grand by Sky City – an opulent luxury hotel conveniently located for the casino, theatre, restaurants, spa and much more. Sky City has everything you could possibly need to make your hen party a weekend to remember.