The 6 Engagement Ring Trends You Need to Know for 2018

The proposal is undoubtedly one of the most exciting moments of your life, and being given (or choosing) an engagement ring you absolutely love is just the cherry on top. After all, an engagement ring isn’t just any ordinary piece of jewellery, it symbolises a new beginning and lifelong commitment.  While you want to choose a ring which is classic and timeless, these popular engagement ring trends might also inspire your choice.

Trending: What’s Popular in Engagement Ring Trends in 2018?

Pinterest recently revealed its 2018 Wedding Report and some unique and more unusual engagemit’s clear engagement ring trends this year are more unique and exciting than ever.

Pinned images of moissanite gems have increased by 294 per cent in popularity on Pinterest, art deco rings are up by 173 per cent, and oval stones have risen by 125 per cent by people pinning them on the social media platform. Read on for the engagement ring trends sure to pique your interest.

Oval Cut Stones: Tanzanite & Morganite!

Oval cut engagement rings have been on the rise in popularity for a few years – and with stylistas such as Blake Lively and Kate Middleton flaunting their gorgeous rings with this cut, the trend is set to stay. The stunning shape of an oval ring really makes it stand out, adding a little extra bit of flare to the more classic round cut. Paired with a thinner a band especially, the oval cut stands out as a focal point and will make sure all eyes are on you. Choosing precious stones such as tanzanite or morganite will also save you precious money.


The Diamond Shop Tanzanite & Diamond Ring – on sale for $3,200


Morganite ring, NZ$605.90 via Etsy

Engagement Ring Trends in Precious Metals 

When it comes to your precious metal, it’s ‘move over’ gold and ‘hello’ to rose gold. This gorgeous hue has taken over the fashion world in all its glory, and is certainly one of the hottest engagement ring trends of 2018. Brides to be everywhere have opted for this romantic tone for both their engagement rings and wedding bands.

There are many reasons why this stunning metal is so irresistible: rose gold complements all other metals flawlessly, suits any shade of skin, and can also be sculpted to reflect classic, vintage  or modern settings. Who wouldn’t want such a versatile metal that has such a feminine touch?

Rose Gold Wedding Band in Antique Style

The Royal Influence on Engagement Ring Trends: Triple Stones Soar in Popularity

Why have one stone when you can have three? The Royals have long influenced engagement ring trends – even before Princess Diana’s blue sapphire with diamond halo made history. The latest trend, made popular by Prince Harry’s choice for Meghan Markle is the three-stone ring. The triple stone engagement ring is a classic, elegant look – fit for a princess. There is still room for creativity and colour, some brides to be have even incorporated their parents or grandparents rings, creating an exquisite heirloom engagement ring

2.82 Carat Tanzanite Trilogy with Diamonds

Stacked Engagement Rings

A modern engagement ring trend is stacking rings – an engagement ring look which combines two or more rings together – a great way of combining your favourite styles,. A good choice when you can’t quite decide on just one engagement ring trend – or when everything catches your eye.

Open Band

The open band engagement ring style caters is a sophisticated look, the wearer able to play with the jewels, later adding to the ring – giving you more room for customisation. If you’re looking for a simple engagement ring – this trend may be perfect for you.

Coloured Stones

Following on from rose gold, engagement ring trends continue to be influenced by fashionable colours, so you can incorporate your favourite hues into your dream engagement ring. Use emeralds, sapphires or tinted diamonds in your engagement ring and you’ll certainly stand out from the crowd.

White Gold Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring
1 carat emerald with 53 diamonds – reduced to $4,500

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