Bride’s Diary: How to Announce your Engagement

How to Announce Your Engagement!

As soon as he (or she!) has popped the question you’ll probably want to start sharing your excitement, but give your engagement announcement just a little bit of thought before you post your cute selfie to instagram

Family First

Traditional engagement announcement etiquette is that the bride’s parents be the first to be informed of their daughter’s engagement (once the groom had asked for the bride’s parents permission in advance). Second, of course – followed shortly after – is the announcement to the groom’s parents.

If you possibly can, do so in person, and most importantly tell both sets of parents first. Decide whether you can reach them both before announcing the news to others, and either call straight away, or keep your lips sealed until you see them both.

If the parents don’t yet know each other, make plans for them to meet. I suggest to loosen them up a glass of Champagne to do so, and do not discuss wedding guest lists or financial contributions under any circumstances. Traditionally it was customary for the groom’s parents to invite the bride’s parents over for dinner. If there are any children involved from prior relationships (or ex-spouses) be fair to them and tell them next.


Next, tell your besties! Don’t leave your BFFs to find out on social-media – through don’t worry – that announcement is coming! Can you get your girls together to pop the bubbles (like, immediately?) As above, if you can’t get them together really really soon, call them to announce the good news.  The hardest thing about being engaged is not shouting it from the rooftops, so get the news to the most important people ASAP to avoid hurt feelings!

I don’t have parents and neither does Blair, so it was up to us who to announce our engagement to!… I could only hold in my excitement ten minutes before rushing downstairs to announce our engagement news with my friend, flatmate, and then bridesmaid Hannah, before calling my other four bridesmaids! I would have loved to tell them all in person but they were situated literally all over the world (as far afield as New York and France) so it had to be via Skype.  Tears flowed and I flustered over details of the proposal, the ring, and the approximate date they’d be flying home for.  (Wanting to do so in a special way, I didn’t actually ask the girls to be my bridesmaids right away… buying myself a whole week of the excitement being all about me, naturally!)

Together we then called our Best Man and our MC to announce our news, reenact the proposal (again), and then lay around talking excitedly about where and when our wedding would be.  Of course, I started writing down all my little love notes from the heart in my diary and pinning to my heart’s content too.  Little did I know that I’d soon be sharing my wedding diary with the world at large online, let alone that it would become a wedding blog.

Before social media… Tell siblings, other close family, and anyone else who won’t see it on social media within the first couple of days.  Then, do a final check through your contacts, Facebook messages and anywhere else, to ensure all the most important, inner circle know before you blast a #shesaidyes hashtag!  It’s worth it to wait – people get funny about engagement announcements, and will be easily offended if they feel left out.

Finally… FACEBOOK! So you’re ready for your phone to start blowing up… go for it. You only get to do this once so give it some thought (I didn’t even say #isaidyes?!?)

Be ready for the phone to ring, likes to clock up and engagement gifts to start rollin’ in (if someone really love you they’ll buy you the little white book)!

First, give your nails some TLC. You’re going to be flashing your digits for all to see, so buff, polish and moisturise away (even better – get a manicure.).

Pick up your favourite polish (I suggest a neutral colour so as not to take away from your new bling) and get glossy…

essie-polish-engagement love-notes-from-the-heart

Put it in the Paper!


When my amazing friends got engaged earlier this year, they not only put it in the paper, but they used a photo of that newspaper announcement to let their Facebook friends know – both traditional and savvy!


Take a cute photo!

Spell-Out Showing-Off-Rock ring-mug



If you’re engaged, have a look at the little white book and keep a note of your proposal story then head to the Wedding Planning page for an index of our content.

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