Do You Really Need a Makeup Artist?

Makeup Artist

Though I do love learning makeup techniques and trying the latest releases, my aptitude will never compare to that of a makeup artist.  I’ve learned to bronze and blend but my highlight and contour still isn’t that conjured by the skilled hands (and eye) of a makeup artist with professional training and on-the-job experience .

I don’t doubt that you’re more talented than me at makeup though!  If so, then when it comes to the most important events or functions then, like… I don’t know… a wedding (!) Do you really need to hire a makeup artist professional?

Why you might like to use a makeup artist
Yes, it is another line to add to the budget spreadsheet, but the use of a makeup artist may be justified when you consider what they offer.

Booking a professional makeup artist is to minimise stress, allow someone to pamper and take-care of you and your friends, prevent the need for everyone to bring their own bags (sacks) of makeup and styling-tools, and also makes for lovely pre-wedding photo opportunities too (The Official Photographers).

However… what if your friend/sister/bridesmaid is pretty skilled…

If you think that one of your bridesmaids has the necessary skills to do the job, in which case do consider the amount of time it takes for each girl (around 45 minutes for each of hair and makeup), and what else she may be helping to set up.  My bridesmaids barely had a chance to sit down for cake and champagne let alone help out with someone else’s makeup, so ensure to organise plenty of time, and ensure you practice well in advance of the big day!

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Makeup Artist