Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift Review

I almost single-handedly planned my wedding, while working as a commercial lawyer (and changing law-firms during), and creating the wedding blog I now call ‘work’. It’s pretty fair to say I’m no stranger to stress.

It has long been understood that stress undermines health. Weight gain, high blood pressure, decreased immune system function, and depression are just a few of the possible issues a person under high stress can develop. However, scientists have recently discovered that stress can also be good for us. Many forms of stress help us grow, stay alert, be more motivated and have more energy.

How can stress be good for you?

Healthy stress levels push you to peak performance – but it is key to learn how to identify and manage individual reactions to stress. We can develop healthier outlooks, as well as improve performance on cognitive tests, at work, and in fitness. So, how do you separate the good stress from the bad?

To manage your stress levels and separate good from bad symptoms, first you need the right attitude. Secondly, keeping stress to a healthy level is achievable through the use of relaxation techniques, including deep breathing, guided imagery and yoga. Deep abdominal breathing and training in meditation and mindfulness, or regulating one’s own mental and physical states, helps moderate stress. Thirdly, acknowledge your worries instead of building them up in your mind until you are overwhelmed.

Inspired by these findings, the skin health experts at Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute developed Stress Positive Eye Lift – an active, cooling cream-gel treatment and masque to lift and energise the eye area while brightening and de-puffing under-eye circles. I put it to the test.

Though I’m no longer planning a wedding or working as a lawyer, running my own business is also a source of stress, as well as running between events (sometimes literally), and making time for myself, my husband and my friends. The career-change has come at me full force, with a lot of added stress and considerations, financial, lifestyle, relationship – the works.

Being asked by Dermalogica to try a treatment that reduces signs of stress was a dream. The bags under my eyes are definitely not Prada.

You’ll know I’m very familiar with Dermalogica, I rave about Phyto Replenish Oil working wonders for my skin, and this just might be another handbag staple.

Stress Positive Eye Lift is a tube with a metal tip applicator – the first step of the dark-circle reducing, de-puffing creme-gel treatment. The product can be used first thing in the morning, or applied at any time during the day – whenever you feel like a relaxing, cooling treatment and few minutes of zen (so, always). I’ve worn it both with and without make-up and can see the difference it makes (I’ve spared you the sans make-up pics! Stress Positive Eye Lift is designed to energize skin and visibly reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, and other signs of stress in the eye area.

With a blend of fermented yeast and Hyaluronic Acid, the Stress Positive Eye Lift helps to firm, hydrate, and give the skin a lifted appearance. A combination of Sea Water Extract and Arctic Algae will depuff, and Wild Indigo Seed extract brightens and diminishes the appearance of under-eye circles.

Whether I’m looking to start the day feeling bright, or perk up after a long day of meetings, it’s good to know I can do something small for a big difference to my appearance. It’s like that third coffee I want to reach for, but which I know isn’t good for me! At $115.00 it’s not cheap, but neither is a soy flat white! Honestly, with skincare I think you get what you pay for – this is 44ml which is larger than most, and Dermalogica is worth your pennies.

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