Dermalogica Face Mapping: Get to know your skin!

It’s all very well me suggesting you amp up your routine in the pursuit of perfect skin, but unless you know your skin’s individual needs, you might end up throwing good money after bad without addressing the real concerns and necessities.

That’s where it pays to ask an expert – someone who is professionally qualified to assess and advise on your skin type, and set your short to long term skin-goals.  I have just over 7 months to improve (and hopefully perfect) my skin in time for my wedding, so I’m not wasting any time.

Right now, Dermalogica is encouraging the nation to get “Face mapped” – sign up online and do yours free or at a local event, and be rewarded with a $25 voucher to spend instore, free-samples tailored to you and be into win a $250 prize-pack!

Think of it like fitness for your skin: analysis, goals and results.  On that note, I’ve got a new Personal Trainer ; )

Analysis: I went under the microscope (or, rather, Caroline’s visual and touch-examination) to see how my skin-conditions could be better addressed.  The good news is that the time I’m currently taking to look after my skin’s health is really paying off.  Gentle cleansing, good moisturising and protecting are doing wonders for my largest organ, my skin!

What was really interesting to think about, was that instead of just having one skin condition (i.e. dry, oily, clogged cells), is that there are actually 14 zones of the face, not all of which will need the same treatment.  For example, I found out that the chin area (zone 12) is linked to the ovaries, and breakouts will often be related to a woman’s cycle.

Goals: My skin-therapist (aka Personal trainer) Caroline has set me a couple of goals for my skin, so with any luck (and a good routine) my skin will be perfectly photo-ready for my big day.  My cleanser, moisturiser and SPF have all been prescribed to help my dry-skin, while a clay masque will deep clean my T Zone.  To combat my zone-12 breakouts, I’m trying an overnight clearing gel with salicyclic acid, and I honest can’t wait to see results!

Results: It’s too early to know yet, of course, but Dermalogica is the number one choice of professional skincare worldwide, so I’m happy to address my skin concerns with them on board (If Angela Bloomfield, Anna Julienne and Marc Moore of Stolen Girlfriends Club have faith then so do I!)

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