Tips To Creating Your Perfect Gift Registry

Creating your perfect gift registry can be hard. Having previously written about the potential awkwardness that is “asking for wedding gifts,”  Laura Douglas of The Workher offered to help out while I’m on holiday, providing some guidance on creating a wedding gift registry.  Laura is used to giving advice, including in some tricky situations, so we’re very lucky to have her help us navigate the issue.

There are numerous sites and platforms to choose from, and you want to make sure you’re getting what’s right for you and your man. But it can be overwhelming knowing where to start.

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To help break down the process…

Decide what you want: Before you choose what site to go with, have a good think about what kind of items you want to prioritise. Most gifts fall into the categories of Kitchen, Bed, Bath, Appliances, Furniture and Homeware but what’s most important to you? Whether it’s bed linen or kitchen accessories, have a clear picture of what it is you’re after, so you can make sure your main items are ticked off the wish-list, and you don’t get distracted. [/right]

Popular wedding registries to choose from: Some of the top ones within NZ include Mildred & Co, the Wedding RegistryTying the KnotNot Another Toaster, StevensSmith & Caugheys and Freedom Furniture. It’s worth checking to see if your fav store offers one too! Figure out what sites offer the best match to what you’re wanting and fit within your price guide.

What each site has to offer. Wedding registries offer a huge range of products, most are limited to within its own site but you can pick and choose a whole raft of gifts. If you have your heart-set on items from different stores, there are platforms that allow you to add items from any online shop across the world, and collaborate it into one registry, such as The Lovely.

How much should gifts cost? It’s best to provide a range of items with differing prices. Include some smaller gifts such as candles as well as larger items like that coffee machine you’ve had your eye on. Many registries provide the option for guests to contribute a certain amount to a present so it can be split across a few people.

Above anything, have fun. It’s one of those rare times you and your fiancé get to create a wish-list of what you want to fill your beautiful home with. So enjoy the process together. Sit down with a glass of wine (or a bottle) and get right into it.

Thanks again to Laura – find her at!

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