Choosing the right engagement ring for your hand shape

Awaiting the magical proposal and thinking about dropping a few engagement ring hints? Or perhaps he proposed already and now you get to design your own engagement ring.

Either way, beyond the 4 Cs (Cut, Clarity, Colour and Cut) you also have to think about the style of your new bling, and which is the right engagement ring for your hand shape. Just like the wedding dress, you want your engagement ring to accentuate your best features. The most important thing is to balance the length and width of your fingers against the shape and size of the diamond(s) and the style of the ring.

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Knowing your hand shape (like the back of your hand)

Think about the shape, size and length of your hands and fingers to make deciding on your engagement ring that much easier, so that you can choose the cut of the diamond and width of the band which will suit your hands best. Even if you do have your heart set on one particular aspect such as the shape of the stone, you can select your band width and design the ring to complement your hand shape.


If your fingers are short

The right engagement ring can accentuate your short fingers into appearing longer and leaner, whether they are slim or wide. The best choice for someone with short fingers are diamond shapes that extend the fingers optically.

  • Diamonds with an elongated shape: the baguette, the marquise, the pear shape and the oval cut diamond are the ideal stones to elongate short fingers while also being proportionate.
  • A narrower band is ideal for short fingers because helps create a balance between the ring, fingers and hand and create the illusion of long fingers.. A thicker band can make your fingers seem shorter than what they are, akin to wearing thick ankle straps on short legs (like mine).

Long, slender digits

As if you weren’t already blessed, long fingers suit the motto ‘the bigger, the better”. Being able to carry and pull off bold, larger styles is something long fingered ladies are lucky to suit!

  • Princess-cut diamonds and rounded stones are the perfectly suited for longer fingers, and will flatter your lovely hand shape.
  • A wider band tends to complement the length of long fingers, as a narrower band can make the stone look large and imbalanced.
  • Long fingers also look amazing with more extravagant rings, set with coloured diamonds and gems.

Slim Fingers (Short or Long)

Choosing your engagement ring to suit slim fingers, you need to keep in mind not to overload the diamond. Small diamonds in combination with a slightly wider band help make your fingers look less slim. This makes everything a bit more proportionate.

  • A round cut or cushion cut diamond is perfect for slim fingers, while not looking as though it is overbearing on your finger.
  • If you have short and slim fingers, consider a marquise cut – ideal as it makes your fingers appear longer.
  • For slimmer fingers, it is generally recommended to go with a thicker band. This is to help create the illusion of width with your fingers.

Wide Fingers

To avoid making your fingers look wider with your engagement ring, try to avoid narrow stones or rings that show skin on either side.

  • To create a more slimming look, the emerald and rectangular cuts are for you.
  • Think of the trilogy engagement ring. The bigger and more conspicuous the engagement ring, the better. Small diamonds tend to make wide fingers look even wider.
  • Slim to medium width bands allow for the stone to be the main – and best – feature on your hand.

choose an engagement ring for your hand shape fingers long slim chubby short wide

Small Hands

For smaller hands delicate, quality diamond cuts are key. You may like to avoid very large diamonds, opting for a smaller carat but better quality clarity and colour.  Wider bands may also look out of proportion and overbearing on your small hands.

  •  A fine ring set with a small diamond (brilliant, princess cut, oval or heart shaped) is perfect for someone with small hands.
  • For smaller hands, thin to medium width bands are ideal as they don’t overbear your fingers and make your hand look smaller.

Big Hands

For those of you who have larger hands, time to be big and bold. Don’t select a ring that is too small as it will appear lost. You may wish to design the ring with a halo of diamonds to accentuate the size of the diamond for a larger appearance.

  • Clusters and Asscherr cuts are the best options for bigger hands as they all are able to be bold cuts that are in proportion to your hands.
  • Depending on the cut of the stone, medium to wide bands are also best.

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