Choosing my Dream Engagement Ring

Today’s incredible beautiful post comes from my gorgeous friend Marleen who was recently engaged to her dream man, and was able to choose her dream engagement ring too! Marleen has generously offered to share a little of engagement diary with us as she counts down to the big day, starting with the magical proposal…

Marleen’s Engagement

We all have the fantasy, the re-enactment of Sweet Home Alabama where Reese gets to pick her own engagement ring from the entire store of diamonds… drool!

My engagement proposal didn’t quite pan out that way… there were no diamonds (or Patrick Dempsey) nearby. However, there was the man of my dreams and the chance to choose my own engagement ring so; I think I did pretty well.

Choosing the Dream Engagement Ring

We have been together for 6 years and now engaged for 4 months. Jarrod proposed in Sydney with a placeholder ring – he thought it would be pretty special if we picked out my real engagement ring together. Though I’m not much of a romantic, choosing my own engagement ring was an absolute dream come true.

However, I did actually struggle to find the ring I wanted (at a price we could afford). We began looking in Sydney, as soon as we got engaged – I searched through shops, browsed online and pored through magazines trying to find my dream ring. The thought of designing my own custom engagement ring never really crossed my mind but once it did, it was full steam ahead.

Designing my Own Custom Engagement Ring

Inspiration: Before going down the road of designing my own bespoke ring, I knew I had to have a clear idea in mind, queue pinning to my heart’s content. Truth be told, I think I really always knew the ring I wanted – my her heart was set on a solitaire, classic and timeless. I was a bit unsure when it came to metals, band thickness, diamond sizes and shapes so I cast the net wide and hoped the perfect design would fall into my lap. Luckily, I had Nic from The Diamond Shop helping me along the way with advice and her expertise.

Choosing the Diamond

The Diamond: Although there is such a huge range of diamond shapes, I never considered anything other than a solitaire. When it comes to a diamond, I discovered bigger is not always better. Through my ring journey, I have seen diamonds clear and blue over $40k and diamonds which are huge and affordable but look like a piece of glass. I wanted something in between and chose to sacrifice size, to have a good quality diamond, check out Megan’s 4Cs diamond guide to get more information on the aspects you should be thinking about when buying a diamond.

Budget: Our budget was the main consideration when it came to designing my ring and I went straight for the best I could get within that amount. I spent basically everything, other than a few cents. The main cost was the diamond itself, of course.

After all that, it was out of my hands and Nic from The Diamond Shop took care of the rest. The most daunting thing about the experience was hoping the ring would turn out like I imagined. It’s hard to imagine how something will look without seeing a display model or something similar before going for it. Luckily, I was dealing with an amazing person and she soothed all my woes, answered all my questions and kept me up to date throughout the whole process and even kept in touch afterwards too.

I love my engagement ring. It is a little on the tight side but this is something we are currently working on adjusting. I think if I made my ring again, I would have the band a little thicker, just because of my fingers and quite long so I think a bigger band would look better. All in all, it was such a smooth experience and if you are even considering designing your own ring, I 100% recommend it, and recommend Nicola too!

Do you adore Marleen’s engagement ring? She is going to be sharing her engagement and wedding planning experience with us, so make sure to check in again soon. In the meantime, check in our Bride Tribe interviews, and the wedding planning index.