What about Cheap suits..?

While brides have long had the option and inclination to buy a cheap off-the-rack dress for their wedding dress, and now have the High Street designing specifically for them, until now its been tougher to outfit the groom on a tight budget.  There’s not just the groom, of course, but the groomsmen to think about, who also need to be suited and booted.


Depending on how many groomsmen you have in your bridal party, the cost of buying each of them suits can be astronomical, and many groomsmen won’t be able to shell out a lot $1,500 on a suit for themselves either.  For that reason, many groomsmen hire their suits, but (like renting in Auckland!) hireage is just throwing money away.  We found another option which I think you’ll agree ticks all the boxes!

Without even seeing my gown (i.e. how formal I’d favoured), Blair wanted to wear a tuxedo, and we love the look of all the groomsmen looking equally dapper in tux.

A tuxedo is just about the most formal a New Zealand wedding gets (I don’t think I’ve even heard of a white-tie (tails) event).  Equally, if you’ve been invited to a black tie wedding, men will be expected to don a tux (read the Dress Code Guide here).  Blair turned to his favourite tailors to suit up, where to hire tuxes for the groomsmen was around $250 each.  The cheapest black suits on Queen Street were around the same figure, but they also looked cheap.

Just as I was breathing a sigh of relief that this was Blair’s job to organise, not mine, I found something much, much better than anything else we’d come across, in the form of a New Zealand owned, brand new suit company called The Syndicate.


Admittedly, I wasn’t 100% confident… I couldn’t know that these would be any better than what we’d seen on Queen Street, but the returns policy was also foolproof, promising a full refund if we weren’t happy with the Suits.

With nothing to lose, we ordered them.

I couldn’t have been more impressed.  Owner Andrew got in touch, he organised our suits within a day, and personally dropped them off to me in the city.  He could arrange other sizes at a moment’s notice, white shirts for $45 and bow-ties for $15.  And they were GOOD.  These are not throwaway fast-fashion by any means, and for half the cost of hire-suits, the guys got to keep them too.  The suits are a poly-blend, but looked and felt as good as Blair’s in wool, fully lined with hand-stitched finish, and really really well fitting.  Of all the suits bought, the only alterations to be made to any were to take up the trousers.

The Syndicate Suit Wedding New Zealand

The best thing was the quality, the second-best: the service.  When you’re planning a wedding, it’s people like Andrew you need to help you out.  A week out (and only 3 days before leaving for the venue) we were swapping sizes,and ordering MORE suits because they were so good, we decided to get out MC kitted out too!


This was not a case of “You get what you pay for” – if Blair didn’t wear a uniform to work, we’d be stocking up on the Classic Suits too.

It really doesn’t matter how much your wedding dress costs, and it seriously doesn’t matter how much your Groom’s or Groomsmen’s suits cost – especially when they look this good!  You can check out The Syndicate and on Facebook.

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