Lash Serum Lowdown: fLash v Revitalash

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Today’s beauty review is an honest comparison of fLash and Revitalash eyelash serums, neither of which have paid me for this review, though both provided PR samples. In response to this article, I have subsequently been given a $10 discount for both companies using ‘shesaidyes‘.

Eyelashes are life, amiright…

As beauty trends come and go, the humble eyelash never goes out of style.  Even a subtle #nomakeup look is incomplete without a lashing of Mascara, and it’s the one product I can rely on having in my handbag to pick-me-up, whatever the occasion.  Unlike a lippy, you don’t have to consider your outfit choice or what other shades of make-up you’re wearing.  With a wave of your favourite ‘magic’ wand, your eyes appear open and your face more feminine.

So you want to wake up looking like Beyonce?
Yes, so do I, and I’m one step closer by treating my lashes every single night to a swipe of serum.  I haven’t just been trying one serum though… I’ve been the human guinea pig for 6 weeks now, trialling two: fLash lash amplifying serum, $59, and Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner Serum, $120 for 2ml or $185 for 3.5ml.

I’ve used fLash lash serum before, and saw a little growth, but I wasn’t entirely convinced within a month and gave up.  This time, I persevered, pitching fLash vs Revitalash (and hoping one wasn’t hugely different from the other and would leave me looking cross-eyed).

I took both fLash and Revitalash serums all the way across the Pacific for our Hawaii Honeymoon, even applying it on the plane (well, I said every night) and finally, the verdict is in.

I measured my lashes at Louise Gray Skincare after two weeks (date 16/08/2016), and again after eight weeks (date 07/10/2016). Louise Gray is my monthly facialist, and I cannot possibly recommend her enough. Louise also sells all my beauty staples including Dermalogica. Lou has this imaging software she uses to measure her clients’ skincare results (pigmentation, brown-spots, redness etc.

Two weeks

revitalash-v-flash-eyelash-serum-lash-le-2-weeks revitalash-v-flash-eyelash-serum-re-2-weeks

After two weeks of wearing Revitalash lash serum on one eye, and fLash eyelash serum on the other, we already had a small difference in results:

Left = fLash  length 5.0 mm volume 54.230 overall grade 3
Right = Revitalash length 5.7mm volume 49.423 overall grade 3

It appears that nothing had really happened on my left (fLash) lashes, at all – no change to length or volume.

My right (Revitalash) eyelashes had grown quickly, though weren’t growing with great volume (which brought down the average below the volume of my natural lashes).

Eight weeks

revitalash-v-flash-eyelash-serum-left-eye revitalash-v-flash-eyelash-serum-right-eye

Length Revitalash (bottom pic: After/Before) has grown from 5.0mm to 7.2mm, and fLash (top pic: Before/After) has grown from 5.0mm to 5.33mm.

Volume After eight weeks, the Revitalash lashes have about the same volume as when they started (while fLash has jumped ahead a bit from 54 to 57).

Overall Grade for Revitalash improved from 3 to 2 (1 is top) with no change in fLash.

While not so different that others might notice immediately, fLash has definitely lagged behind Revitalash in terms of length.  If anything, I’ve been applying more fLash serum than Revitalash, hoping it would catch up, but to no avail.  Interestingly, fLash serum seems to apply more product than Revitalash, but otherwise, the application is exactly the same.

Points for Revitalash
– Lashes are definitely longer – probably a couple of mm longer than those using fLash
– Its packaging is a little more sleek and modern
– It appears to distribute less product, so as well as being more effective, it ought to last longer than the fLash serum.


Points for fLash lash amplifying serum
– At only $59, it’s a steal… (but it seems like you get what you pay for)
– The square shaped packaging is easy to hold
– It applies plenty of product
– It’s readily available at Farmers nationwide and pharmacies
– It works a little (tiny) bit! I’ve experienced 1/3 of a mm growth on my left eyelashes


I’m pretty satisfied with Revitalash, but I’d be interested to hear your experience.



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