My Wedding Journal: Beautiful Bridesmaids

I have so much to share, so many thoughts and reflections and thanks to give from my wedding this past weekend, that it’s hard to know where to begin.  I’ve decided to start with the way I began my day, surrounded by the most beautiful bridesmaids, relaxing at our wedding venue with champagne and cake.  We hadn’t intended to be eating my wedding cake on the morning (or the night before) the wedding, an unfortunate event meant that the entire bottom tier was lost, and the remaining three tiers very damaged.

Last year I wrote about choosing your bridesmaids, and the thoughts of that post echoed in my head from time to time during the wedding weekend, because, if I do say so myself, mine were absolutely the best.  These five girls are my best friends, but for more than a week, they’re better described as my angels.  While I still reiterate what I wrote last year, I stress that the most important thing to consider when choosing your own bridal party, is who you want to spend the all important pre-wedding hours with.  While these beautiful women organised my bridal shower and hens’ do, dressed the reception room (and helped clean up afterwards!) and danced (and swam) with me until 5am on the night of the wedding, it was the pre-ceremony hours which were the most special.  My last few hours as Miss Lynch, as a ‘single’ woman, or as a girlfriend or fiance.  When things went wrong (and believe me, they did), I still felt relaxed and beautifully happy, to be with these five stunning ladies.

I dressed the girls in beautiful white robes by Peter Alexander, part of the ‘I do’ collection which I know the girls will treasure.  Each of them looked every bit as beautiful as the beautiful bride that I felt I was, and I will forever look on these memories with a huge gratitude.  All photos The Official Photographers, copyright and not to be reused without my permission.

Bridesmaids Robes Peter Alexander

All girls’ hair by friends of mine, Natasha and Zea, makeup by Coromandel’s NZMakeupGirl – happy to provide you with their contact details by request.  Bridesmaid Robes from Peter Alexander online.

Thank you again, to the five most wonderful and beautiful bridesmaids any girl could ask for.
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