4 Pout Perfect Lip Tips For Brides

Hi, Larissa here! As a recent bride I know that committing to one perfect lipstick for your wedding day can be confusing particularly with so much variety available. To step-up your bridal lip game check out my lip-tips below!

When discussing lipstick the first bit of advice I give to my brides is “If you don’t wear lipstick why wear it on your wedding day?”. If the everyday you wears very little makeup, your wedding day is not the day to tryout a high-maintenance bright lip. Other options such as tinted lip balms pair with the natural lip pigment beautifully and photograph equally as gorgeous.

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Don’t always rely on your bridal makeup artist to have the perfect lipstick for your big day. I do however think that your artist should indeed have the essentials covered i.e. lip primers and liners. Its important you spend as much time as you can visiting different beauty counters to trial what lipstick colours and finishes work for you. I once knew a bride who went back to a counter 14 times to try on the very same colour before purchasing it.

Its a good idea to wear white when trialing lipstick to see how the it will contrast against pale colour and where possible take a snap in daylight to see how it will photograph. Get a second opinion from a trusted source, your bestie or mum for example. When you have found a winner, buy the lippy, so that you can top-up and reapply on the wedding day when necessary.

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Wearing traditional white doesn’t mean you are limited to natural pinks and rosy nudes. If you’re use to wearing bold colours and don’t mind a little drama then all you need to team with your bright lipstick is a bit of sass and confidence.

Don’t stray too far from colours you are comfortable wearing and ensure your choice of lipstick shade doesn’t clash with your wedding colours and theme hues.
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Exfoliating your lips weekly with a lip scrub, regular use of a great lip balm and upping your water intake to 2+ litres a day is going to help you achieve the perfect kissable pout. Smoother and well hydrated lips help lipstick adhere to the lips longer and provides for a more flawless finish.

I think its safe to say, after following the above lip-tips “You may now kiss the bride” won’t sound so scary!

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