12 DIY Wedding Napkin Ideas To WOW Your Guests


1. These floral napkin rings found over on A Beautiful Mess are amazing but it sure would take a very patient team of peeps to create them for all your wedding guests. If you want to give it a go, come this way

By popular request, we’ve found similar heart plate and these flower napkin rings without DIY 😉



2. This napkin idea from Swedish blog Vintage House not only looks fab but would smell delicious. Perfect for a winter wedding, add a stick of cinnamon to a linen napkin for some rustic chic.

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3. If you are after something a little more classic this napkin rose found over at Sortrachen is the perfect solution, and wont take up too much room on the table. Follow the tutorial and you will be amazed at how quickly and easily they can be made!

I love these beautiful muslin napkins for this style of napkin design.

4. These beautiful leather napkin rings are on Etsy (set of 8) but we’ve found an equally good DIY leather napkin ring tutorial here.


5. This tutorial over at beautiful blog Sweet Thing is so very clever and surprisingly easy! With a stencil and some fabric paint you could create personalised napkins for all of your guests giving you a napkin, a place-name AND a take home favour. Brilliant!

6/7/8 These personalised napkin rings aren’t strictly DIY, but you could recreate something similar. Links are to product pages.

Custom Ceramic Napkin Rings

Engraved Wooden Napkin Rings

9. This Napkin Folding Tutorial is fancy but easy to achieve with a lovely diamond shape.


10. This idea from Sarah Hearts is SOOOO easy and would add a huge pop of colour to your day. Using a 1/4 inch angled brush and some fabric paint you can create some fabulous napkins in no time! I love these painted tea towels too – you could recreate something similar.


11. This simple tutorial over at Project Wedding allows you to add personality to your day with a fantastic fabric of your choice (that you can keep!)  Head to spotlight for some fab inspiration.

12. If someone had suggested I make pom pom napkin rings for my wedding day, I probably would have given them a strange (no, really?) look. But I have to admit that these beauties found at Art Bar look pretty damn cool indeed.


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