What is the Bride Tribe?


Have you heard of the Bride Tribe?

It’s been the topic of much conversation this week – you may have even bought tickets to the launch or January’s event.

Bride Tribe is a community, a celebration of, and a disruptor of the wedding industry. It’s an opportunity for you, the brides, to hear from, and later read about, real brides; and their honest experiences, in a very candid, helpful and practical way.

By being part of Bride Tribe, whether that is coming to our events, reading our articles or sharing the message, you can help shape the culture of weddings too.

Bride Tribe’s goal is to make weddings attainable and affordable, and for planning wedding to be simple and straightforward. 

  • Weddings are attainable for everyone: whether you are affluent or on a budget; straight or gay; traditional or non-conforming.
  • Wedding planning is totally manageable, and straightforward to organise even if you’re doing it on your own, and have never planned so much as a morning tea in your life.

Bride Tribe is a community of women who want to help you.

  • It’s okay to feel like you’re hopeless at wedding planning, or like you want to give up altogether, we’ve all been there;
  • It’s normal for the people you love most to drive you mad or make your life difficult; and
  • There is a way through, because we’re in this together.

Bride Tribe is also a disruptor and a change-maker, and it needs you to shake things up too!

  • Weddings have got a little too prescriptive for my liking, where wedding planning becomes merely an exercise in mindless box-ticking. I should know, I did it too.
  • Brides feel pressured to tick every box, rather than just the ‘boxes’ they like the shape of. “But you have to have XYZ” is something no bride need ever listen to.
  • I’m not afraid to push back a wedding culture which uses sentimentality and tradition to put pressure on couples.
  • Bride Tribe will also occasionally feature wedding vendors who aren’t afraid to shake things up; and only those who always have your best interests at heart.


You’re tired of the expectations put on you and your wedding. I’m tired of hearing from couples who are stressed about the balance of pleasing everyone and actually enjoying (and affording) their wedding. We are all tired of Pinterest perfect weddings that cost the couple their house deposit or honeymoon.

Bride Tribe is going to encourage real conversations with brides (and grooms) to get real, unpack expectations and ease the entire wedding planning process, from the proposal to the honeymoon, and then of course, beyond – to the marriage itself (the reason we’re all here).

We can improve efficiency; increase transparency; and save couples money, time and stress, by getting together and supporting each other.

I hope you’ll join us for a Bride Tribe event or return here on the same day to read the Bride Tribe Interviews!

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